Jun 23, 2015

Australia Week: Suze Loves Nature's Forge! & Giveaway

I love Nature's Forge. The jewelry in this shop is really beautiful.

Anita, the owner of Nature's Forge, makes nature themed and whimsical pieces of jewelry.

It's a mix of fantasy, steampunk and real insect and snakeskin jewelry. 

No animals have been harmed to make these pieces. I love it that Anita gives the beauty of nature a new life in the form of stunning jewelry.

I like the variety of materials and the style is fantastic.

Anita's work has been featured in several different magazines already. 

I've asked her a few questions to find out more about her and her work.

What inspires you?

I am constantly inspired by the colours and patterns of nature and try to capture those in my work. I also adore fantasy and fairy stories and many of my bespoke pieces reflect that. 

What's typically Australian about your jewelry?

Many of my butterfly and insect pieces are made using Australian species and my Australian retail stockists sell these to tourists and visitors to Australia.

Where did you learn how to make jewelry?

I am a self taught jewellery artist. Jewellery making came about from a period where I was suffering from ill health and chronic pain, it was the only thing I could do at the time. It grew from there and I began to scour the internet for new skills and techniques.

Your jewelry has a certain edge, does it match your personality?

When I was growing up I was never interested in buying mass produced jewellery I wanted the statement pieces, the items that caused discussion. As an artist I crave the same thing for my customers to make pieces that are unique that will turn heads for them. I don't feel I fit 'normal' and I feel that is reflected in my work.

What's your favorite place in Australia?

Tasmania will always hold a special place in my heart as that is where I was born and it is so idyllic and picturesque! One day I hope to go back and visit and bring my family with me so they can see where I grew up.

How did your online shop adventure start?

My online shop adventure started when my house became too full of jewellery. There is only so much that one can wear or give as gifts but I couldn't stop making it as it gave me such enjoyment. The only solution was to start selling it to others.

What are your plans for the future?

 For the future I would like to expand my retail stockists and continue to grow and refine my product ranges.

Anita has a great website where you can find more of her jewelry. She's currently remodeling it, so stay tuned for even more amazing content.

Anita loves making custom jewelry, so you can always contact her if there's something you'd like her to make for you.

Keep track of Anita's Facebook page if you want to be the first to see her new designs.

I love Anita's elegant and unique style, it's fantastic.

Check out this amazing Etsy shop.

Enjoy browsing...

And have fun shopping!


One very lucky reader of my blog will receive an amazing prize:

These fantastic Simplicity in Silver cats eye cabochon earrings will be for the winner of the giveaway. Good luck!

   I will contact the winner on twitter or via email. If I don't get a reply within 60 hours the prize will go to someone else. All of my giveaways are international. 


  1. I think her jewelry is gorgeous!

  2. I like the color and the texture of the stones.
    Thanks for the giveaway.

  3. I love butterfly wings under glass - these are reminiscent of the ones from the past.

  4. The blue pendant on the top is like the ocean.

    I like the stones chosen for the center, especially the light colors.


  5. I like the unique designs and the affordable prices.

  6. The fact that they are beautiful and unique pieces!

  7. I agree on the beauty. Love the unique styles.

  8. I like the slightly gothic edge to it all x

  9. I love the styles of the pieces, how unique each piece is and the contrasting metals and jewels

  10. The pieces are beautiful!
    I can´t follow the FB page of Nature's Forge.

  11. I love the use of silver and semi precious stones - most of my own jewellery is of this type. Rafflecopter entries are in my real name NIKKI HAYES, thanks for another lovely jewellery giveaway :o)

  12. I love the materials and the stones, everything is beautiful!
    Suze, I can´t follow the FB of Nature's Forge AU... The link isn´t working and I can´t find the page...

  13. I like the fact that Anita has some really fresh ideas especially in her choice of materials.

  14. The materials and the colors makes it look really elegant.

  15. So very unique and breathtaking to look at.sure beautiful details,I can't say enough about the beauty of every piece.thanks so very much for sharing.

  16. I love the antique look of it! Beautiful!

  17. I love how gorgeous and out there this jewelry is. It literally looks magical.

  18. all of it is so beautiful and makes me think of magical fantasy stories and lands

  19. I love the ethereal quality of the pieces, the unique materials, and gorgeous designs.

  20. I adore all the dragon pieces!

  21. Love the texture of the stones.

  22. I love these earrings because I have a necklace that they would match perfectly to.


  24. I love the quality of these pieces and their uniqueness.

  25. I'm definitely adding this shop to my favorites. Her pieces are beautiful


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