Jun 25, 2015

Australia Week: Suze Loves Boho Bird Jewellery! & Giveaway

I love Boho Bird Jewellery. I found this stunning jewelry on Facebook and now the owner, Melissa, has started a brand new Etsy shop, so I'm the first one to feature her.

There are a few items in Melissa's Etsy shop, she'll add more jewelry the coming days, and she also sells via Facebook.

Melissa has a great market stand. I love that her customers can see all the jewelry on display.

I think Melissa's jewelry is fantastic. It's colorful and cheerful and she uses the most beautiful beads.

Melissa has a great blog where you can read about her creations, inspirations and everything she likes.

I've asked Melissa a couple of questions to find out more about her and her shop.

Where did you learn how to make jewelry?

I took a class at my local bead shop when I first started making jewellery five years ago, just to get the basic techniques. But since then I’ve mostly taught myself. Now and then I take a class, usually in some form of metalwork, but I’ve yet to put much of that into my work. One of these days …

What inspires you?
I love to do blog hops and design challenges, which may be based around a picture or colour palette, a theme or even a swap of beads chosen by someone else for me to work with. You can read a lot about my design inspirations on my blog (beadrecipes.wordpress.com). I like to tell a story with my designs, whether that is capturing a feeling or a more literal interpretation. I love to work with handmade beads made by lampworkers, ceramic and polymer clay artisans and metalsmiths—each bead is a tiny work of art! I’m also a huge lover of colour and texture. It’s fun to choose unexpected combinations of colour that work well together. Texture, whether it comes from mixing different kinds of beads or adding in textural elements like leather or waxed linen cord or sari silk ribbons, really adds an extra dimension to a design.

When did you first start selling it and how did that adventure begin?

My first foray into selling was at a craft market at the school my children attend. I mostly targeted the kids, with a series of necklaces for little girls featuring lockets and mysterious keys and flowers, but I sold a few pairs of earrings too. I’ve since started selling regularly at a little handmade market that runs monthly, which is literally around the corner from where I live. I occasionally book into other markets too. I also have an Etsy shop that I am trying to build up.

What are your plans for the future?

I’d like to get some confidence with metalwork so that I can incorporate it into my designs. And I’m hoping to do a bit of ceramic bead-making with my mum, who is a potter.

What's your favourite place in Australia?

I grew up in Perth (WA) and I live on the other side of the country in Melbourne (Victoria) and there is so much beauty in both places. Overall, I think I’m drawn to the beaches, they are spectacular whatever time of the year you visit. I think Perth has the best beaches in the world, as well as a really special island just off the coast (Rottnest Island) where our family regularly goes for holidays. Another favourite holiday spot is on the south western coast of Victoria, in a place called Wye River.

Where does your shop name come from? And what attracts you so much about the Boho style?

It’s funny, but I’m not sure how exactly I came up with my shop name! I was playing around with bird names (magpie and bowerbird were two I tried to incorporate but there were too many shops with similar names) and eventually I found something that resonated with me. As for the Boho style, I like its freedom from rules! To me it’s all about using colour and texture to create something beautiful and unique.

Check out Melissa's amazing jewelry.

Feel free to contact her if you're looking for something in particular or if you want to know which pieces you can see on Facebook are available.

Enjoy browsing and have fun shopping!

Melissa has a great giveaway for one very lucky reader of my blog. She will make the winner a surprise pair of earrings, good luck!!

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