Jun 15, 2015

Australia Week: Miracle in March by Juliet Madison

A new Tarrin’s Bay novel from best-selling author Juliet Madison. She took a break from real life,  and found what she didn’t know she was looking for. 

Emma had plans, travel plans, going-far-away plans, but her family means everything to her, so when they needed help, she was there to deliver it. Running the family business of beachside cabins in Tarrin’s Bay might not be the same as the French Riviera, but Emma finds a certain level of peace in the beautiful setting and small town community.
But when she finds that her ex-boyfriend, a man she left behind without explanation, staying in one of the cabins, her peace is ruined. She knows the only way to get it back is to share the secret she’s been hiding for five years, and admit to him the limitations that she now carries. But James has his own truths to share, and he’s not the man that Emma once knew.
They are both in very different places than before, but it’s a time for renewal and second chances when their reunion brings secrets to the surface, dreams to be remembered, and the realisation that they are both in need of a little miracle.

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Emma wants to travel to Europe, she has big plans. She's saved enough to go away for an entire year. Unfortunately her plans change drastically when her father has a stroke. Her parents need her and instead of going to France she goes home. Her parents own holiday cabins in Tarrin's Bay and Emma will be running the park for them. Fortunately it's a great place to work and she can always travel later. Emma's parents have done a lot for their daughter, so this is her way of saying thanks. 

When Emma has to welcome her ex-boyfriend James as a guest in one of their cabins she's surprised. Seeing him brings back a lot of memories. He's the person she wanted to marry, but then something got in the way. James has a little boy, Jackson. He isn't like most boys his age, so he needs a lot of extra care and attention. James loves his son very much and he's his number one priority. He's a single dad and does everything for Jackson. Emma immediately likes Jackson and as she has some experience working with children with autism, so she knows how to approach him. James is still angry with Emma, because she left him. Will she be able to explain herself this time and what will happen then?

Miracle in March is a great story about two people who clearly love each other. Life got in the way and Emma has a big secret, something she doesn't want James to know about. It's also the reason why she left him. Now he has a son and he clearly has some things to tell her as well. I think the way Juliet Madison describes Jackson's autism is really beautiful. The same can be said about how she handles other difficult topics in the story. She writes about them with such care and compassion and the feelings she describes are spot-on. I think she's written a fantastic story again, I highly recommend the Tarrin's Bay series. 


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  1. I believe you can find "the one." But I also believe, that if fate doesn't work out with "the one," there can be other opportunities to find a true love in life.


  2. I think we can love in different ways and even be attracted to many people at the same time. But in the end, there is only ONE true love. Incidentally, I found and married mine, and it's his birthday today. :-)

  3. yes i believe you can always find one person u there that is for you xx

  4. I don't think there's the one. It's respect that keeps two people being life companion whether they love each other or not.

  5. I do believe in your own True Love! But I also believe that true love can find you more than once in a lifetime.

  6. I'm quite cynical I'm afraid - I don't believe there is 'the one' for me

  7. I don't believe we are wandering on earth looking for the other half that will make us whole, I believe I'm a whole person who is looking for someone to share my life with, but even if I don't find it, it's not important!

    Carolina M on rafflecopter

  8. From a male point of view I think there is "the one" but you may have been born in a different era ie 200 years ago there could be your one and you miss each other destined to roam through life never finding your one knowing that that other person was looking for you too. Thant would make a good book actually

  9. I find the concept of 'the one' quite depressing actually. Everyone has their faults, and if you bought into the idea of a perfect person for you, it could lead to picking faults in an otherwise decent relationship -- good job I don't believe in it

  10. I think there are numerous people out there who could be the one

  11. Interesting answers, thanks everyone! :)
    ~ Juliet

  12. I believe there is the one for us out there because I think we accept the love we deserve

  13. I believe there is one for us.


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