Jun 22, 2015

Australia Week: Magience by Cari Silver

When an empire is at war, growing up means seeing more killing, more magic, and more undead, than a girl could ever wish for. Ellinca has better things to do with her life than fighting a war, but what if she could end the war... In her search to find out who she is, Ellinca has to dodge soldiers as well as the villainous Hilas Frope, who wants to execute her ASAP. If only he was the end of her problems. The creatures following her may be worse, for among them is the undead. The empire is falling apart, and every step seems to be taking her in an entirely wrong and incredibly unsafe direction.

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Review by Anniek

Ellinca is a young teenage girl who goes on a quest to find out who or what she is. Since she has lost her mother she's alone in the world. She carries this soul with her to keep it safe which isn't an easy task at all. Having magic can be really dangerous and Ellinca has to find out what she can do while at the same time she's being hunted.

Ellinca is sweet and I liked that Cari Silver let her be her age. She ended up in a lot of situations I wished I could pull her out of. She is smart and I was cheering for her to find out more about herself. I realized while reading the story that she is still so young and that made me love her even more.

Magience has its own world and characters. It's a book that requires some concentration, it isn't a light and easy read. It took me a little while to  understand how this magical world worked exactly and to learn about all the magical beings in this story, animals as well as humans, which was certainly worth the effort. Cari Silver has a great imagination. I absolutely loved this story and I fell in love with the beautiful world. If you love the YA Fantasy genre you should definitely read this book.


  1. Sounds great, Anniek. Thanks for the review!

  2. I've already read this and it is such a fantastic book! This is unlike any other YA fantasy that I've read before.


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