Jun 21, 2015

Australia Week: Lost & Found by Brooke Davis

At seven years old, Millie Bird realises that everything is dying around her. She wasn't to know that after she had recorded twenty-seven assorted creatures in her Book of Dead Things her dad would be a Dead Thing, too.

Agatha Pantha is eighty-two and has not left her house since her husband died. She sits behind her front window, hidden by the curtains and ivy, and shouts at passers-by, roaring her anger at complete strangers. Until the day Agatha spies a young girl across the street.

Karl the Touch Typist is eighty-seven when his son kisses him on the cheek before leaving him at the nursing home. As he watches his son leave, Karl has a moment of clarity. He escapes the home and takes off in search of something different.

Three lost people needing to be found. But they don't know it yet. Millie, Agatha and Karl are about to break the rules and discover what living is all about.

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Millie Bird has been left in a department store. She's by herself and her mother told her exactly where to stay, so that is what she does. When after a long time her mother still hasn't come back to pick her up Millie starts exploring, but she doesn't leave the department store as she believes her mother will return. She has a Book of Dead Things that she uses to keep track of everything dead she's ever seen. Millie's dad is also dead, which means he isn't coming back. In the department store Millie meets Karl the Touch Typist, an old man who has escaped his nursing home. When social services want to take her Karl helps Millie to shake them off. 

When Millie comes home her mother isn't there either. She wants to go looking for her and can use some help with that. Her across the street neighbor Agatha hasn't left her house in years, but for Millie she's willing to step into the outside world again. Together with Karl they're trying to find Millie's mother which means they have to go on a trip.

Millie, Karl and Agatha have each lost someone who was very dear to them and this has drastically changed their lives. During their grieving processes they all became lost. They need to be found and together they have a much bigger chance to achieve that. Agatha has to let other people back into her life and she discovers a lot of pleasant and not so pleasant things about herself. Karl has always lived a simple and secluded life. He needs to find that he can experience more of the world. Millie has lost her family and she desperately needs to find a place where she can be safe and happy again.

Lost & Found is an emotional story about a child and two elderly people who are all going on an adventure together. They are doing things that aren't allowed, sometimes intentionally and sometimes it just happens. Millie is the wisest of the three, which results in a lot of hilarious situations. Even though the theme of the story might be sad and tragic the story itself is quite funny. It's surreal, but at the same time it could have been real. Some of the topics that are being discussed are quite sensitive and Brooke Davis has a wonderful direct way of writing about them. I absolutely loved that. This book is brilliant, it's highly entertaining and the main characters are all fantastic.


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