Jun 23, 2015

Australia Week: Fly In Fly Out by Georgina Penney

After months working on an oil rig in the Atlantic Ocean, engineer Jo Blaine can't wait to get home. Her job is tough, and she is desperate for some long-overdue girl time. When she walks through her front door to find an unexpected man in her house, she's tempted to head straight back out to sea.

Stephen Hardy has always felt guilty for the part he played in ruining Jo's leaving home years earlier and jumps at the chance to make amends. It takes some fast talking, but he finally convinces Jo to let him look after her apartment and her giant cranky cat while sh'es away on the rig. And by the time she leaves for her next shift, they're both eagerly anticipating her return.

But balancing family and friends with a new relationship when you're never around is tricky, and Jo is also keeping secrets about her past. After a lifetime of taking care of herself, Jo isn't used to sharing her problems – especially when they involve her messy family history. Picking up the pieces every time she comes home is getting harder, and Jo begins to wonderif a fly-in fly-out lifestyle is really worth it . . . 

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Jo works on an oil rig and that isn't an easy job. She's away from home a lot and she finds it hard to keep going. When she finally has some time off the only thing she wants to do is go home and relax. Unfortunately that doesn't go according to plan, as when she arrives there's a man in her bed and someone is living in her home. It's someone she knows really well, a man she has a history with. 

Stephen still feels guilty about what he's done to Jo all those years ago. He thinks he's ruined her and she left her hometown straight after his terrible actions. Now he can finally make it up to Jo. He wants to help her with her apartment and promises her to look after her cat. He would love to become more than just friends, but Jo has many secrets and she also has a difficult job that takes her away from home for long periods of time. When the past catches up with Jo things are getting even more difficult, will she dare to tell the truth?

Fly In Fly Out is a great story about a tough woman who travels a lot. Jo's work is demanding and that used to be absolutely fine, but now it's becoming more and more difficult. On the rigs it's a men's world and when she's home she's glad to be able to spend time in her sister's salon. Jo has a strong personality. She's been hurt in the past and she doesn't only want to protect herself, but also the people she loves. That is the hard part for her as not everyone wants to be saved.

It was hard to see that Jo kept so many things about herself a secret. I understood those feelings though and think Georgina Penney has done a great job describing them. I like the way she writes and her stories immediately draw me in. I read this book in one sitting, I couldn't put it away. I really liked Fly In Fly Out, it's a romantic, fun and original book and it has enough depth to make it fascinating as well.

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