Jun 16, 2015

Australia Week Fabulous Freebie: Thirteen by Anya Allyn

A hidden mansion. A silent carousel. Missing girls.

Hunted by her uncle, a thirteen-year-old girl flees into the woods and stumbles into a secret world of nightmarish horrors: a basement full of life-size toys and kidnapped girls forced to dress as dolls--a place where escape only exists in dreams.

In the days before she knew a toy box could be a place of dread;before her hair was curled in ringlets and her lips were painted red; before she forgot her name; she was Molly Parkes.

Don't miss this short story prequel set in the thrilling world of Anya Allyn's The Dark Carousel. This free story also includes five chapters of DOLLHOUSE, the first book in the bestselling horror series tinged with gothic romance. 

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Review by Anniek

This short story gives you the background story of Molly Parkes. Molly is a thirteen year old girl who lives with her abusive uncle after her parents died. The only reason her uncle took her in was to spend the money her parents had. When one night she catches her uncle coming home from a burglary that went bad she has to run for her life. Knowing that her uncle will find her and will do anything to shut her up she makes a drastic decision....one that turns out to be the worst decision she ever made.

I absolutely loved this short story! Also because with this freebie you get a good insight into the first book of the main series Dollhouse. The author has chosen a very good angle and I liked that she wrote the story this way. It's a good decision to give you the story of Molly before you start to read the series. Needless to say that I can't wait to find out more! So Dollhouse it is!

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