Jun 18, 2015

Australia Week: Fabulous Freebie - Coral Sea Affair by Drew Lindsay

 Ben Hood is a suspended Australian Police Detective. He joins a VIP protection company and is sent to exotic Port Douglas in Far North Queensland to watch over a breath taking, upcoming starlet, Brenda Grant and her American film crew as they make a movie on the Great Barrier Reef. He never expected to get within a million miles of this amazing woman in his wildest dreams….let alone kiss her; touch her. Initially their hilarious encounter is just great fun. It’s Ben Hood’s mid life crisis dream come true. Then it goes bad. EXTREMELY bad.
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Review by Anniek

Ben Hood is a cop who's suspended because he shot some bad guys. Not knowing what to do with his free time he turns to an old friend who helped him before, his trainer Akira Masaki. Akira is an expert in martial arts. Ben wants to get back in shape and he wants to do that as fast as he can.

When I first got to meet Ben I wasn't very fond of the guy. He is rude, not a loving husband and thinks he can do whatever he wants. Have you ever seen the movie Demolition Man with Sylvester Stallone? Ben Hood reminded me of that character very much. Further in the story you learn that Ben has a big mouth but also has a loving heart, buried deeply, but it is there. When he takes on a job at a protection agency his first assignment is at Skull Island. It is on that Island that he meets the woman of his dreams. 'His' Brenda. He writes her an email when he's drunk and she does not forget it!
I was drawn into this story and wanted to know what happened. It absolutely is a page-turner. It gave me everything I need when it comes to great books, a good story, beautiful surroundings and well thought out characters. Drew Lindsay has worked in law enforcement and that was a big plus. It gives this book the extra miles it needs to make it stand out.

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