Jun 20, 2015

Australia Week: Captivate Author Vanessa Garden in Threes

Captivate Author, Vanessa Garden, in Threes

3 things I love about being a writer:

Getting to do things vicariously through my character, things I’d never get to do in real life – like wielding jewel-encrusted daggers, kissing sexy kings and living in a glittering underwater city

Being able to work in my pyjamas

Having a good excuse for my sometimes messy house

3 ways I make time to write:

I try to ignore the TV

I sleep less (which unfortunately results in a very absent mind the next day)

I try to get up early in the morning while the rest of the house sleeps

3 books that made me want to become a writer:

Pillars of the Earth by Ken Follett (because it is just brilliant)

The Heaven Series by Virginia Andrews (because of Troy in the maze *sigh* – I read and re-read this series as an early teen about ten times)

Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck (because I still get teary eyed thinking about the characters and their yearning for a better life)

3 challenges I faced writing my novel:

Sticking to the storyline – my characters kept going off on a tangent and I had to reel them in so as not to have so many plot-lines streaming through the book.

Finding the time to write while looking after my three children

Staying confident as a writer during the submission process (after which lots of re-writing followed)

3 things that inspired Captivate:

The gorgeous Indian Ocean I was lucky enough to grow up beside

A song, ‘To You I Bestow’ by an Irish singer named Mundy. It inspired a gorgeous and romantic scene which then grew into the book.

Jonathan Rhys Meyers – I came across a picture of him on the internet and it was like Marko had jumped out of my mind and onto the screen. He is exactly how I pictured him. As a result I’ve watched nearly everything he has acted in. He is amazing.

3 favourite characters from Captivate:

Miranda, Marko and Robbie (of course)

3 things I love about these characters:

Miranda – I love her because she is a normal teenage girl, full of faults and insecurities, dreams and hopes. I like to think she is someone we can all relate to.

Marko – He is fiercely loyal and devoted to those that he loves and he likes to find the best in others. He has a lot of secrets and rarely shares them. He doesn’t fall in love easily, but when he does, he falls hard. Oh, and he is very easy on the eye, especially when dressed in black and sporting knee-high boots with daggers strapped to them.

Robbie – Robbie puts protecting Marko, his best friend and king, before his own wants and needs. Though well-built and highly trained in combat, he is a sensitive soul who keeps a journal and believes in the idea of soul-mates.

3 characters I love to hate (but could never truly hate) in Captivate

Sylvia, Marko’s sister (but she is so much fun to write)

Damir, Marko’s brother and Sylvia’s twin brother

Dina, the Head Chef in the castle kitchens

3 facts about the underwater city, Marin

It is a domed city, encased in light-crystal – Marin’s energy source.

Its origins are still being investigated by Marko and the people of Marin. Marko’s theory includes extra-terrestrial beings and mother-ships.

Corporal punishment in Marin involves being thrown into The Colosseum – an arena sized tank filled with water and Great White sharks!

3 words to best describe Captivate

Love, danger, secrets.

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