Jun 21, 2015

Australia Week: Australian Organics Sweet Almond Oil Rejuvenating Hand Treatment Cream Review

I love Australian Organics, an Australian company that produces plant based hair and body care. I've tried this sweet almond oil rejuvenating hand treatment cream. The tube it comes in is really big, so there's a lot of product for a really good price. 

You only need a little bit of cream every time you use this cream. The skin absorbs it really quickly, so it's phone and tablet proof. My hands are soft and smooth immediately after using it. And after washing them the feeling stays. This hand cream makes my hands silky smooth and I like that a lot.

Australian Organics hand cream is suitable for both daytime and nighttime use. It isn't very scented, which makes it ideal for people who have allergies. It's a fabulous product and I love it. It's also quite easy to order Australian Organics products worldwide as they carry them at Soretail (they offer free worldwide shipping). I would definitely recommend this hand cream, it's fantastic.


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  2. Australian products seem to be the best in taking care of the skin, from what I have noticed.



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