May 26, 2015

Welsh Weekend: Eden's Garden by Juliet Greenwood

Two women struggle with love, family duty, long-buried secrets and their own creative ambitions. But more than a hundred years ago Ann left a trail through London, Cornwall and Wales that leads Carys on a tantalising and increasingly shocking search for the truth. What is the connection of the dilapidated north Wales estate, Plas Eden with her childhood sweetheart and her own family history, and what are the secrets of the statues in the garden?

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Carys returns to the village of her childhood. Pont-ar-Eden is small and there's a dilapidated estate called Plas Eden. There's a garden with beautiful statues. Plas Eden could have been Carys's home, but she and David split up when she went to university. Years later Carys has to start all over again as she's all of a sudden single and she's back to take care of her mother. Maybe now that she's in Pont-ar-Eden again maybe she and David can become friends again.

Ann has escaped something horrible and is now working in a hospital in London. There she works as hard as she can and she tries to stay unnoticed. That doesn't work very well though as she's a skilled artist. Mr. Meredith soon notices Ann and he gives her more to do than cleaning. Slowly Ann is starting to see a future for herself again.

What is the history of the statues in the garden of Plas Eden and what happened with Ann? David and Carys are trying to uncover the truth. They're searching for the story behind all the secrets of the past. While they're searching David and Carys find more than they were hoping for. Will the past change the plans they have for the future?

Eden's Garden is a book filled with family history. I loved the secrets, the path that lead to the truth and every character in this novel. I couldn't put this novel down, I was addicted from the first phrase. The secret is complicated and not something that can easily be guessed, I liked the intrigue. Juliet Greenwood's writing is brilliant and she knows how to tell a story. She can build the tension so well and it's always just enough and never too much. I enjoyed reading this book very much, it's a fantastic story, a book to read again and again.

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  1. At long last, a novel that typifies the majority of my interests! In the event that you cherish old structures, patio nurseries, craftsmanship, and sentimentality, this is a must read! Juliet has made enchanting and acceptable characters who all have their own associations with Plas Eden. According to Dissertation Help UK, their accounts are interlaced in a journey to discover reality behind the insider facts covered up in its grounds, and of an approach to spare this captivating house which is so basic to the network.


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