May 22, 2015

Review: Welcome Home by Margaret Dickinson

There are some things which even the closest friendship cannot survive . . .

Neighbours Edie Kelsey and Lil Horton have been friends for over twenty years, sharing the joys and sorrows of a tough life as the wives of fishermen in Grimsby. So it was no surprise that their children were close and that Edie's son, Frank, and Lil's daughter, Irene, would fall in love and marry at a young age.

But the declaration of war in 1939 changed everything. Frank went off to fight, and Irene and baby, Tommy, along with Edie's youngest son are sent to the countryside for safety. With Edie's husband, Archie, fishing the dangerous waters in the North Sea and daughter Beth in London doing 'important war work', Edie's family is torn apart.

Friendship sustains Edie and Lil, but tragedy follows and there's also concern that Beth seems to have disappeared. But it is Irene's return, during the VE day celebrations, that sends shock waves through the family and threatens to tear Edie and Lil's friendship apart forever.

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Review by Tanya 

I enjoy reading about the home front in the Second World War as I think it’s interesting and that although it is a story it will contain elements of truth. Also I find it very interesting having family that were involved with the home front and now family that actually fought for the German side. This book was great as it covered both sides of the story in some way.
The main part of the story was set around two great friends and Neighbours that live in the fishing town of Grimsby. Edie Kelsey and Lil Horton have been great friends for over 20 years and their children have grown up being happy to go into each other’s houses. Lil only has one daughter Irene as her husband was killed at sea. However Edie and her husband Archie have Laurence, Frank, Beth Shirley and little Reggie. Of course many of them are old enough to do their bit for the country.  There are some shocks and upsets along the way and lots of twists and turns.
I loved the story of Beth’s adventures during the war and was fascinated with her story. The story of Reggie was surprising, but maybe something that happened to many families. I loved the fact that Beth’s story was overlapped by events in Grimsby. Also Irene’s adventures were a shock and again I expect that this went on a lot.
The friendship and love between the two families was amazing and it was lovely to read about the support and love that they had for each other. I think that the story shows how the war affected people on the home front and how camaraderie built between families. The characters in the story were fantastic and they were all believable. I liked the different characteristics that each of Edie’s children had and how they still worked as a family. 
The story was really well researched and this shows in the writing.  All that time spent on the research was worth it. Welcome Home is a great read and it's now one of my favourite home front books. I think this is a really great read.


  1. Heard so many great things about this one but I was not really ready to buy it but now have read your review, this straight goes to my cart. Thanks for the review.


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