May 10, 2015

Review: Snapshot by Angie Stanton

One kiss will change Marti's summer . . . forever.

Marti just wants a normal life. After dealing with her irresponsible rock-legend father and absentee mother, she only wants some peace . . . and fun. And that includes a summer at an exclusive arts camp.

For Adam, a normal life is not possible—not when he is the lead guitarist in a rock band with his brothers. So he's thrilled to finally have an opportunity to disguise himself and live like a normal teenager at summer camp.

And when Adam meets Marti, sparks fly. Between romantic bonfires and stolen kisses, they are inseparable.

Then Marti discovers who Adam truly is, and her world is turned upside down. Ever since her father nearly ruined her life, she vowed never to fall for a rocker. But when tragedy strikes, Marti is forced to look within. And she discovers that maybe falling in love with a rock star is not so crazy after all.

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Marti doesn't like rockers. Her father is a famous artist and she's traumatized because he hasn't taken very good care of her when she was a child. Fortunately her grandmother has taken over, so she's also had some better years. She's very happy to be at the exclusive arts summer camp, because she loves photography. There she meets Adam and at first she really likes him, but all of a sudden her attitude towards him changes. She's rude to him and Adam doesn't know what he's done wrong.

Adam is at summer camp, because it's his last chance to do something normal during his teenage years. He's one of the Jamieson Brothers and their band is so successful that he's working all the time. He doesn't like it very much and is happy to have two weeks of freedom. Because of that he doesn't tell people who he really is, but it isn't possible to keep secrets for long...

Adam likes Marti straight away, but he has to fight to make her like him back. Then something awful happens and Marti needs Adam more than ever, but things are never that simple. Will they have a chance together or will it be over between them before their relationship has even properly started?

Marti and Adam meet each other at a beautiful summer camp. I loved the setting. Marti's childhood has been hard and she's built some pretty strong walls around her. She doesn't like Adam because of who he is, but he does everything he can to prove her that he's a great guy and that he's nothing like her father. I wanted them to have a chance together and couldn't wait to find out what would happen to them, so I read this book in one sitting. Snapshot is such a sweet story about two wonderful people who deserve a chance at happiness.


  1. Love your review!! I will put this book on my want and need to read list!

  2. Ah, and another one. Great. This is the second? Again, I am feeling this series for summer.


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