May 20, 2015

Review: The Edge of Dark by Pamela Hartshorne

Jane believes in keeping her promises, but a deathbed vow sets her on a twisting path of deceit and joy that takes her from the dark secrets of Holmwood House in York to the sign of the golden lily in London's Mincing Lane. Getting what you want, Jane discovers, comes at a price. For the child that she longed for, the child she promised to love and to keep safe, turns out to be a darker spirit than she could ever have imagined. Over four centuries later, Roz Acclam remembers nothing of the fire that killed her family—or of the brother who set it. Trying on a beautiful Elizabethan necklace found in the newly restored Holmwood House triggers disturbing memories of the past at last—but the past Roz remembers is not her own.

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Roz's aunt has warned her several times telling her never to go to York. When Roz has the chance to get the job of her life she decides to go there anyway. She's responsible for the commercial side of Holmwood House. It's been restored to its former glory and the owner wants to have as many visitors as possible. They're working very hard to have everything ready for the official opening. When Roz is at the house strange things are happening to her. She keeps smelling smoke and when she's trying on an antique necklace that belongs to the house it burns her. She also has visions of the past. At these moments Roz is living Jane's life. Jane is a butcher's daughter who ends up in Holmwood House because of an unfortunate marriage.

Roz can't let go of Jane. She wants to be her and experience her memories. Jane keeps showing her important parts of her past. Meanwhile Roz has a job to do which is quite difficult. She also discovers something about her own past, the reason she wasn't supposed to go back to York. Then there's her colleague Helen who fiercely hates Roz. Roz's husband is in London and their marriage is under pressure, because of the secrets he's kept from her. Roz has some important decisions to make while at the same time Jane's dark past and the strange history of Holmwood House are influencing her life more and more.

The Edge of Dark is a creepy story about ghosts from the past who are back to haunt the present. The story frightened me sometimes, which I loved. It's definitely creepy and Pamela Hartshorne has done such a good job creating an amazing setting with a horrible history. I equally liked reading about the past and the present and enjoyed both Roz's and Jane's stories very much. This is such a fantastic book. The writing is great, the story is brilliant and the execution perfect. I highly recommend this to anyone who likes the genre.

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  1. I'm not usually a fan of Ya/romance/fantasy-type fiction but this has the kind of mix I do like: history, thriller/mystery & a touch of the chills as well. Sounds good to me! Heading to Goodreads now!


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