May 16, 2015


Running water is something that so many people use while not even thinking about it. It's a given in most of the world. Not everyone has running water though and I hope this will change eventually. I feel lucky that my life is usually so convenient. Now that I temporarily can't use water from the tap it's something that I can't stop thinking about. Running water is amazing really and I'm grateful I normally have it.

When I'm reading books set in earlier times I often wonder how comfortable people were back then. Of course rich people used to have a pretty luxurious life through all ages, but most people had to go without. We now have a lot more luxury for more people. I know that without it I wouldn't have been able to stay alive and I'm definitely grateful I'm living in this century.

The mass market toothbrush was only invented at the end of the eighteenth century and toothpaste even later and it must have been quite hard to clean ones teeth before that. I'm feeling so privileged that I can go to the shop and buy one and that I can use it every day. A lot of people must have been in pain before this invention while now we're taking it for granted. 

The world has changed quite a lot during the past couple of decades and some fabulous inventions have made life a lot easier. I'm going to be very happy when I don't have to shower using a bucket any more. Even though I don't like it, it's sometimes good to have a certain luxury taken away for a while.


  1. So true! It's so easy to take for granted how lucky we are to have these things :)

  2. It's hard to imagine using a bucket and having to earn the water. Around here it must have been hard befor running water as the men would have a bath in a tin bath infront of the fire. The water would be black immediately from the spot in the coal mines.

  3. Sometimes we all need to slow down for a minute and think about everything that we have. Thank you do it reminding us about it

  4. Something important to think about. I am grateful for the modern conveniences we have, as I wouldn't have survived in a time without them either since I have health troubles. At the same time I'm always thinking about life without modern conveniences and I love reading stories that take place in the past when these things wouldn't have been around. Sometimes I think we rely too much on them, I think everyone should take the time to remember that we didn't always have these things, I think it helps to make you more conscious of the earth and more grateful of what you do have.


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