Apr 14, 2015

Welsh Week: A Writer’s Day by Anne Bennett

A Writer's Day 
by Anne Bennett
A writer’s life can be considered a solitary one for we work for many hours on our own and yet I never feel alone, surrounded as I am by all the characters that I have created that live in my head all the time I’m writing about them.  However, writers serious about their work have to have some sort of a routine and so when I wake, early for I am a lark rather than an owl, before sitting down in front of that screen, I go for a walk along that beautiful West Shore beach which is just yards from my home.  It is truly tremendous to be able to walk in such a wonderful place every day.
I walk for approx. 5 miles and as I plough my way across the sand splashing through the streams and rock pools  I am accompanied by my dog, a collie called Megan.  Sometimes she  who runs and gallops over the beach while I throw the ball on the sand, where she often springs to catch it with such energy her four feet leave the ground,  or we plough our way up the sand dunes, or clamber over rocks, or she dives into the sea where she loves to swim and leaps over the waves.  As she is not yet thee years old and an active breed anyway she needs the type of exercise I give her and it certainly does me no harm. 
 We get home invigorated and quite ready to sit in front of my computer and write, or check my e-mails or catch up with my fans on Facebook.  I think the place where I live is magical  because if ever I am out of sorts, walking on West Shore, gazing at such beauty all around me and breathing in the pure, fresh air soothes my soul and I always return in a better frame of mind.
I didn’t begin to write in earnest until we came to live in Wales 22 years ago after an incident in the school where I was working in Birmingham damaged my spine and caused me to be unable to walk for 16 years -  until 2006 in fact. So my teaching career was at an end, but as one door closes another often opens and one certainly did for me.  I have now been a writer some time and I am present writing my 20th book and just about to sign a new contract. Would I have had such success if we still lived in Birmingham?  Who knows?  One thing however I am sure of, there hasn’t been one day when I have regretted moving to this stunning part of the uk where I get daily inspiration.


  1. Wow I love the photos. I have never been to the beach at Llantwit Major.

    1. I think it will be fantastic there and you'd love Anne Bennett's books, they're exactly you're kind of read :).

  2. I'm so envious reading all these posts about Wales. I've never been but it looks absolutely beautiful.

  3. I'm so envious reading all these posts about Wales. I've never been but it looks absolutely beautiful.


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