Apr 13, 2015

Welsh Week: Welsh Lovespoons

Welsh Lovespoons

by David from I Do Wedding Favours

What is a Lovespoon?
Where do they come from, and what do they mean? In short - What are they all about?

This field of study is greater than might be supposed if we only have a passing acquaintance with this charming rustic tradition; so much so that books have been written upon the subject.

For now 'though, I should love to provide just a "potted history" to provide a little information about them.

A spoon as we all know has a bowl, a handle, a stem where the bowl and handle meet, a rim around the edge of the bowl, symmetry and balance.

Thought to have originated from the Cawl spoon (peasants broth spoon), the lovespoon developed over time into a tradition that accorded well with courtship. A young man would spend long winter nights carving a piece of wood into a spoon shape complete with bowl but, would exercise most of his efforts upon the handle. His purpose was to convey his inner feelings to the lady upon whom he had set his heart.

The choice words and expression of feelings to a "special  someone" can be very difficult as emotions tie a knot in your tongue!
So farm hands, other country lads and, even sailors found the perfect way to express their feelings when they found out how well received a piece of hand-made craft work of a personal nature could be and the effect it had upon the girl in question!

The language of love has and always will be spoken in as many ways as the art and eloquence of man can contrive.

Today lovespoons, love spoons, loving spoons - call them what you will - are still made as tokens of affection, of love or love which is hoped for.

The meaning of them as an expression of words unuttered is very widely appreciated within Wales and too in welsh communities wherever they may be found.
This is of much greater significance than the non-Welsh mind may imagine. As soon as anyone receives a lovespoon through whatever cause or event they are touched emotionally.

Lovespoons at Weddings.
A bride will be often be given an ornate lovespoon to carry with her bouquet on her wedding day, bridesmaids are often given a special one each on the same occasion, and the largest outpouring of affection  (in numbers anyway) is when all the wedding guests are given a little spoon to thank them for coming and to commemorate the special day. Many tens of thousands of these little spoons are made and given out every year in Wales and at Welsh weddings around the World too. A sample image is attached to indicate the nature of small lovespoons that are given to guests at weddings.

Naturally there is more to it than this but, I hope to  have shed a little light on this charming old tradition which still means more than words can say. 


You can see more of David's beautiful love spoons on this website. It's the perfect place to buy Welsh wedding gifts.


  1. Lovely post! This is a wonderful tradition.

    1. I agree, I love the tradition and think lovespoons are really beautiful.

  2. it's a fantastic tradition and yes how could you not be moved when receiving such piece of art?!

    1. I totally agree, I think it's so romantic.

  3. My husband and I have a special commissioned love spoon from our engagement. It has an anchor on it as we met in sea cadets.

    1. That's really wonderful. I bet you both treasure it :).


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