Apr 20, 2015

Welsh Week: A Time for Silence by Thorne Moore

 When Sarah, struggling to get over tragedy, stumbles across her grandparents’ ruined farm, it feels as if the house has been waiting for her. She is drawn to their apparently idyllic way of life and starts to look into her family history only to learn that her grandfather, Jack, was murdered. Why has nobody told her? Sarah becomes obsessed with finding out what happened to Gwen and Jack. But are there some family stories that should never be told...

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Review by Anniek

 Sarah thinks she has a perfect relationship with her fiancĂ©, a job that will do and a mother in law who is controlling. When her fiancĂ© is going out of town for a few months, Sarah takes the time to go visit her mother. During her visit she sees a little farmhouse for sale named Cwmderwen. When she goes to see the house and finds out it belonged to her family once she cannot resist and buys the house. Her journey to reveal the hidden past will then begin.

You meet Gwen when she is getting married to her husband John. Cwmderwen is John's house and that's where they will live. Gwen has an ill father and a sister named Dilys. She will tell her story about her journey during her marriage and the happenings which will be 'buried' and probably should have stayed that way in the first place.

I loved it that I could read about both Sarah and Gwen. When I was reading about Sarah I wanted to know what happened next with Gwen and when I was reading about Gwen I couldn't wait for Sarah to continue her investigation.

Thorne Moore's writing is perfect. You switch between the stories of Sarah and her grandmother Gwen. This book will keep you on the edge of your seat and is a real page-turner. I feel very blessed that Welsh Week has given me the opportunity to be introduced to the writing of
Thorne Moore, thank you!


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