Apr 19, 2015

Welsh Week: In a Foreign Country by Hilary Shepherd

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The 22 year old Anne travels to Ghana to stay with her father. Dick has lived in Ghana ever since his daughter was little and they don't know each other very well. Anne is supposed to stay for six months and has an open ticket, so she can stay with her father even longer if she likes. The first days are going well, but then Moses returns. Moses is the houseboy, who doesn't like it that she's invaded his territory. He's openly hostile towards her and Anne has no idea why. Her father spends more time with Moses than with her and she doesn't feel very wanted. Anne can't help but wonder what the real connection is between Moses and her father.

She applies for a job and starts teaching at the local Catholic school. She loves it there, both the children and the men she's working with. There's one person in particular she really likes. Michael is a priest, he's a little bit older and he treats her with kindness and wise advice. She sees him as a good friend and her feelings keep developing until she's very much in love with him. She doesn't know if Michael feels the same way, but she has her suspicions. Because of him Anne's slowly starting to feel at home and she's building a life for herself. Until something horrible happens...

In a Foreign Country is a beautiful story about a young girl who travels to an unknown country. Anne's father is living a simple life. He's never shared much with his daughter and that doesn't really change while she's there. Michael makes sure Anne isn't lonely and in him she finds something she's never had before, a sense of belonging. I loved to see how their connection developed.

 Every relationship in this book has its own difficulties. I liked how the author used them to tell a complicated, but beautiful story. I kept hoping Anne would be all right, she certainly doesn't have an easy time while she's in Ghana and she has to grow up pretty quickly. Anne's stay in Ghana isn't what she wanted it to be, it's something completely different and she has to deal with it the best way she can. Her struggles are making the story interesting and In a Foreign Country is certainly a compelling read. I loved this book, it's really good.


  1. It sounds like an interesting book. Ghana would be amazing to visit.

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