Apr 15, 2015

Welsh Week: I love Love and Lovelier!

I love Love and Lovelier, in this shop you can find the most beautiful ceramics.

The items are perfect presents for people you like and/or love.

I've interviewed the owner of the shop, Quil,  so you can find out more about her and her shop.

1) Could you tell a bit more about yourself and your connection with Wales?

 I am actually English, but I have lived in Wales for the last six years and my husband is Welsh. Like most places the Welsh have a strong cultural identity and this is heightened by having their own language separate from the country's first language of English. Many of my pieces have Welsh wording on them as there is a real want within my customers to buy gifts that hark to the heritage.

2) How does Wales inspire you?
Wales is a country of big sky, big mountains and small communities. I draw on the tradition of giving love spoons and also making gifts that are personal from the giver to their loved one.

3) Where have you learned to make your art?

I have a degree in Mixed Media Fine Art from the University of Westminster in London, and this is where I honed my creative skills. But it wasn't until several years later when I started an evening course in ceramics that my idea for Love & Lovelier was formed. 

4) What's your favorite place in Wales?

My favourite place is on the coast by Llantwit Major. It is a rugged rocky beach with stunning cliffs, rock pool and a cafe for a slice of cake and a cup of tea after your walk! Attached is a picture I took of the beach one evening. 

5) What should people who don't know the country definitely know about Wales?

People should know that complete strangers will just start talking you. It is crazy, I'll be at the supermarket looking at the tins, for example, and suddenly someone will start talking to me, and before I've decided which beans to buy, they'll have given me their life story! 

6) Could you tell a bit more about your work and your Etsy shop?

I started making love spoons about 4 years ago. It was after my eldest child (now 8 years old) was diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis. I was pregnant with my youngest child at the time, and when she was born it was determined that she too has the condition. CF needs a lot of daily medication and physiotherapy sessions, as well as hospital appointments, so my full-time office job was not feasible anymore. Not that this was any great loss - it was not a career I particularly enjoyed. Like a lot of people it was the job I'd fallen into, and it paid well so I kept doing it. Now four years on, I have a thriving business supplying tourist attractions and gift shops throughout Wales, as well as a busy Etsy shop and website www.loveandlovelier.co.uk . I also teach one-off evening workshops so people can actually make their own bunting, brooches and hearts to give or to keep. Some weeks are harder than others particularly if one or both of my children are in hospital, but overall it is a way of life that fits me and my family, and keeps us happy! 

There's also a Love and Lovelier online shop. Check it out as the website looks amazing.

Quil would be very happy if you could like her Facebook page. 

Check out this fantastic store and happy shopping!


  1. I know what you mean about strangers. I love this and the etsy page is great.

    1. Thanks for the great comment, I think it's great that she has a cool caravan item. And I love the kindness of the Welsh people :).


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