Apr 14, 2015

Welsh Week: I Love Free Range Faeries! & Giveaway

I love  Free Range Faeries. It's an amazing shop with so many wonderful faeries.

The artist, Kate Monkman, makes beautiful paintings, cards and jewelry.

You can buy both prints and original artwork. There's quite a large variety.

I love the vibrant colors Kate is using. They're so attractive and well chosen.

I like the jewelry a lot. The different gemstones all have a special meaning and power.

Kate also sells personalised artwork and postcards. It's such a great idea to have a painted faery version of yourself.

Myths and legends, nature, folklore and the Welsh hills are a rich source of inspiration for Kate. I love the way she uses it all in her work.

The faery wish bottles are fantastic. They're filled with gemstones, beads and lichen collected from the Welsh hills. If you buy them you own a small piece of Welsh nature. They would make such a lovely gift as well.

Kate started drawing faeries purely as a hobby, she studied fashion & textile design. Faeries keep becoming a bigger part of her life. I think that's a great idea as she's so good at painting them.

One of the most important things in faery art for me is the face. Kate knows how to draw them, her faeries are absolutely perfect.

What I like as well if the movement of the faeries, the way Kate makes them use their limbs. It almost makes them come to life.

Kate's items are very reasonably priced. If you're looking for a beautiful card together with a thoughtful gift for someone who loves fantasy and fairytales, this is the shop to buy it.

I like the way Kate plays with nature and everything she sees around her. Different seasons can melt together in the same drawing, it's so free and fabulous.

Happy shopping, both on Etsy and on the Free Range Faeries website.

One very lucky reader of my blog will receive a fantastic prize.

The winner of this giveaway will receive a Faerie Dance print with a matching card and toadstool and faery earrings. Good luck!

  I will contact the winner via email. If I don't get a reply within 60 hours the prize will go to someone else. All of my giveaways are international.  


  1. I like faeries because these delicate, slender spirits have beautifully colored butterfly wings emanating from their bodies.

  2. i love how different they can be. i do love them potreyed as small protective spirit but from the legends there are a large range of faeries and not all of them are kind to human so i love how mysterious they are as well

  3. I love them because they make me thing about the possibility of a world with magic! :)

  4. ive always loved fairies and how they are surrounded with mystery and magic !!! lovely giveaway and what a fab artist beautiful items there on etsy x

  5. I love the unique and beautiful artwork!

  6. I love fairies because they are so beautiful and dainty, they are gentle and soothing to look at. I love all things magical and mystical.

  7. Faeries are so mystical. Their magic they bestow is so much fun.

  8. I like them because they are so pretty and magical.

  9. Faeries are magical, colorful and mischievous.

  10. I like the magic of the faeries, and their hability to make good thing come true in people's life.

  11. Me and my daughter both love fairies and fairy lands tyyyy for the giveaway

  12. I love the magic and lightness of fairies!

  13. I like the way they're portrayed differently in different cultures. To some they're sweet and light and good, and in others they're nasty, mean little things.

  14. I love their wings and just the whimsy around them

  15. I love that they are so magical. I loved fairies as a kid and still do.

    Megan @ reading away the days

  16. They are magical and makes me wonder.


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