Apr 20, 2015

Welsh Week: Elen's Island - Review & Giveaway

When her parents send her to stay with a grandmother she hardly knows for the summer, Elen is furious. Gran lives on a tiny island and doesn’t want her to stay either – it’s not an easy start.
Gran’s idea of childcare is to give Elen a map and tell her to explore. Who is the odd boy on the beach with a puffin? After saving Gran in a storm, Elen finds a picture that she’s sure is a clue to hidden treasure. She investigates – and finds a very different treasure from the one she expected.

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Elen's parents are spending the summer without her. Elen can't go with them on their travels and has to stay with her grandmother instead. Gran has a house on a small island and isn't very accommodating. Elen feels very alone. The only thing she can do is some exploring with the map her grandmother has drawn for her. While she's doing that she meets a strange boy who has a puffin. They initially don't get along very well and they keep running into each other. When there's a big storm and Elen's Gran hasn't come in, she has to go outside to find her. She managed to locate her Gran and what she also finds is a clue to a hidden treasure. All of a sudden the island becomes a lot more interesting, what exactly is this treasure and will Elen be able to find it?

Elen's grandmother is used to living a solitary life and when Elen comes to stay with her she doesn't really make it easy for her. Elen is angry with her parents for leaving her behind. Even though she isn't happy with her situation the island is interesting enough for her to fill her days. While at first she doesn't like it she's slowly falling in love with it. I loved seeing that transformation. When it's complete Elen opens her heart for her surroundings and everyone around her.

I loved the description of the island and could totally picture the beauty. The main characters are all likeable and fun and I adored Gran. I enjoyed reading this book very much. I would have loved the story when I was a child and I highly recommend it. There's a map, Elen has a lot of exploring to do and there are new people to get to know. This book has so many good ingredients. Together they make a fabulous book with a wonderful ending.  

Author information
Eloise writes words. Lots of them. Sometimes in particular orders. She also does a bit of Drama and the odd spot of acting.
   Sixer of Pixies. Child of the 70’s. Survived encephalitis, pizza thrown in face, a decade as an actress, school, endless years of Heavy Metal abuse from younger sister’s room.
    Likes confetti, bluebells, memories of Gran and Grampa, family, cwtches, the way ladybirds shelter in beech nuts, collecting seaglass on misty days, comfy jeans, stories about interesting    things.
  Spent too much money on ill-fitting clothes, too much of the 80’s planning marriage to John Taylor and/or George Michael, lovely times in Europe, one cold week in New York.
Lives in West Wales. Lives for the sea, love, repeats of ‘Murder She Wrote’, for as long as she can.
 Has dog called Watson Jones. Has husband called Guy. Both of whom are handsome devils


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  1. First of all, I would search for water and food then I would relax under the sun until someone find me!

  2. i would make a shelter and find food and water and just relax

  3. I would look for drinking water and food, then start making a shelter. Thank you for the opportunity of this great giveaway.

    Barbara Thompson

  4. I'd start looking for a proper place to sleep, something to eat, water to drink. And find help with any possible mean.

  5. I would get my fishing line out! :)

  6. Water and a nice homemade bed.

  7. It depends if I was alone with a Bear Grylls-alike or not! Probably try & find fresh water & then find shelter.

  8. Honestly, I would be so scared and I´ll panic!!!
    Then I´ll try to start a fire, gather woods for shelter or a cave and fresh water.. I´ll try to apply the things I´ve watched in Man Vs Wild / Ultimate Survival.... :D

  9. Ffion would love this book. Think I would find water, shelter and panic.

  10. Hope its a warm island, water, fire & shelter first I think

  11. Find fresh water and food then make camp nearby for easy access to them.

  12. I'd get in gear after a little cry, build a shelter, find water and build a bow and arrows!!

  13. Will surely panic, but will try my best to calm down to explore the island and think on how to survive and escape :)

  14. Relax for a little while! Then try to find food/water/supplies!

  15. Panic and then look for water and think about starting a fire and making a shelter. Try to survive. That's all you can do.

  16. Have a good look round to see what's available.


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