Apr 15, 2015

Welsh Week: Camping at Dolbryn's by Tanya

Camping at Dolbryn's
by Tanya 
Wow I am loving Welsh week and am so pleased that Suzanne has done it and it is nice to see that so many of you are loving it too.  I am hoping that it may encourage many of you to visit and then hopefully I will get the added bonus of meeting you. I am so glad that Suzanne and her husband liked Wales when they visited earlier in the year. We are currently enjoying some sunny weather here so it would be great if you packed your bags and visited now. Wales is known for its rainy weather so this is very unusual.
Most of you know that another of my passions is caravanning and we are lucky enough to do this on a regular basis as neither of our jobs involved us being at our work place during the weekend and marking books is always nicer sat outside the caravan with a small glass of wine!  Mind you I suppose now that I no longer work it’s even nicer sat out with a reading book and a glass of ‘coffee’.

There are a few sites we like to visit regular and one of them is situated in West Wales which is one of our favourite areas in Wales. The site is called Dolbryn and it is situated in Newcastle Emlyn near to Cenarth. We have been visiting the site at least yearly for the last 13 years and seen it undergo many changes. It is a great family site where the children are encouraged to feed the animals in the morning and take the pigs for a walk.  We have been there for “stews and stars” where you hopefully get to watch the meteor shower and enjoy a bowlful of cawl (Welsh lamb stew) at around 10 pm at night. We are lucky in that my parents now keep their caravan on the site and we recently went down for Easter where the girls partook in egg rolling and Greg and a friend had a go at the egg throwing and catching competition. 
 If you are ever looking for a friendly site you don’t need to look any further, everyone is approachable and regulars and newcomers seem to love the site often revisiting regularly. I often recommend it and thankfully no one has been disappointed. Bev and Dave, the owners, have been there for around 12 years and we have seen their children grow up and likewise with ours. Their passion for the site always makes me want to own my own campsite with sticky club for the children and crafts for the adults.
From the site you can visit many seaside towns including New Quay, where we enjoy ice-creams, Aberporth and Mwnt which are very scenic. From these seaside beaches you are sometimes lucky enough to spot dolphins in the sea and we have often sat and watched them for hours. Further afield you have Aberystwyth, I will be writing a review about soaps produced here later in the week. About 45 minutes drive you have my favourite seaside towns of Tenby and Saundersfoot, these hold many romantic and fond memories for my husband and I as we spent a lot of time there prior to the children and even our first wedding anniversary.
 Look at Dolbryn’s web page as they have some pods for hire. http://www.dolbryn.co.uk/


  1. First, lovely pictures! I love your chickens. :)
    My sister did a study abroad in Wales a few years ago and my other sister and I visited her there. It was beautiful. I'd love to go again some day.

    1. Thank you for your lovely comment :). I would love to see more of the Welsh countryside, I can't wait to go back to see more of Wales as well.

    2. That is a photo of my eldest daughter feeding the chickens at the campsite.

  2. Yeahy for the mention of Aberystwyth (where my dad was born and some of my family live). I have fond memories of childhood holidays there staying in the b&b's my dad's aunt and cousin ran :)

    1. Have just written a rewiew for soaps made in Aberwytwyth

    2. Will keep an eye out for it. Yeeeeahy Aber! :) x

  3. This post reminds me of my childhood staying caravans in Wales. We had a great time, usually close to the beach.
    Loving Welsh week. Thanks, Amanda.


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