Apr 30, 2015

Review: Forever Autumn by Christina Jones

A heartwarming seasonal novella by best-selling author Christina Jones.

After a heartbreaking deception, Stephanie Gibson decides to move to the south coast and work as a nanny for the large and scatty Matthews family. They’re friendly and eccentric and Stephanie soon settles in. However, when she finds herself falling in love again, spectres from the past loom up.

Has Stephanie made another mistake, and will she ever be able to trust anyone again?

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Stephanie's lost a lot in love and as she has nothing to stay for she decides to move somewhere else. She finds a job as a nanny for the Matthews family. Soon it feels like she's one of them, the family is more than welcoming and everybody loves her. One person in particular, but it's possible that he's already spoken for. Will Stephanie find happiness or even more heartbreak?

Forever Autumn is such a sweet love story. I liked it from the start. It was great to read about the beautiful surroundings and the fun family life. Stephanie is a wonderful person, but she's also afraid to ask any questions which of course leads to uneasy situations and delightful misunderstandings. This is such a lovely novella, it's perfect for when you need some light and happy reading.

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