Apr 11, 2015

I Love This One's Mine Ceramic Design! + Giveaway

I love This One's Mine Ceramic Designs. It's such a wonderful shop filled with gorgeous necklaces. 

I've ordered several items from this shop and the customer service is great.

The necklaces are stunning and I'm very happy with my purchases.

I've asked the owner of the shop, Erin, a few questions, so you can find out more about her and her ceramic designs.

How have you learned to make your jewelry and what is your artistic background?

I've always been creative and love to make things. My mom taught me to sew when I was young, and I grew up with a love of buttons, of all things. I can remember playing with my grandma's button jar and feeling them slide through my fingers, and just loving the diversity of them.

When I started my business, I made hand painted ceramic sewing buttons. I loved the bright colors, and the fact that I could may any design I wanted, to go with any material. They were labor intensive, but I had a wonderful time creating them.

Jewelry came about by accident. I had a customer who wanted to know if my ceramic would work as an essential oil diffuser, and requested a specific design for her daughter. I made it, and we tried it out. It worked wonderfully. Her daughter tested them for a science faire, and my diffusers worked even better than other items that were currently on the market. It was a fun discovery, and I decided to pursue it.

To be honest, I'm learning as I go when it comes to jewelry making. I look at lots of pictures, check out library books, and experiment often. Some things work, and some are disasters....but it's always fun!

What inspires you?

I love bright colors.

My husband passed away from cancer almost 11 years ago, and left me to raise 6 young children on my own. I always thought I'd be one of those widows who wore black her whole life, and was tragically heartbroken forever....and I was for what seemed like forever.

Then one day, life was good again, and I was happy, and I had a whole new appreciation for color. I think the fact that I was sad for so long made me see things in a whole new light. This is a beautiful world, and there was so much to be grateful for.

I get my inspiration from colors that make me happy, gardens and flowers and things that grow and thrive. I love nature, and earthy, rustic things as well, so I guess you could say I have a good mix of joyous color and steady, calming colors.

How did your Etsy adventure start and what are your plans for the future?

After my husband died, I went back to school to become a nurse. After many years of school part time when my kids were little, I finally was accepted into a nursing program. I had one year left of a three year program, when I was told I would no longer qualify for financial help with school costs.

I had a kiln in my garage, and had played with the idea of making sewing buttons to sell online, but had always been a little afraid to try. With few options left, and a need to make money, I decided to be brave and try Etsy to see what would happen.

Within months of starting my business, I had product in all 50 states in the United States, and in over 20 different countries. I was able to finish paying for school, and graduated with a nursing degree.

I loved ceramics so much, though, that I have continued to do it even though I work full time as a nurse, as well. It has been a blessing to me. A stress reliever and a creative outlet. I love it.

I am currently in the process of expanding to sell wholesale. I'd love to have a real shop (instead of every usable surface in my home), have employees, and become the leading name in diffuser jewelry. I believe we can do it.

Is there anything you'd like my readers to know about you?

I have laundry that needs to be folded, dishes that need to be washed, and I spend way too much time on Pinterest. I'm a lot like everyone else out there. If you have a dream, follow it, and don't let obstacles hold you back. A little stubborn hard work goes a long way.

I greatly admire Erin, because of her positive attitude, her perseverance and the fact that she's such a talented woman.

Erin mainly sells necklaces, but she also makes ceramic buttons.

The necklaces can be used as essential oil diffusers by adding oil to them or they can be worn as a pretty piece of jewelry without any additions.

Erin also has some wholesale listings. If you'd like to have a large amount of ceramic jewelry, she's the person to ask.

If you have a special request you can send Erin a message, she loves custom orders.

Erin's prices are very reasonable and the quality of her items is great.

Have fun shopping, you will love this jewelry!

One very lucky reader of my blog will receive a beautiful surprise necklace. Good luck!

I will contact the winner via email. If I don't get a reply within 60 hours the prize will go to someone else. All of my giveaways are international.     


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