Apr 6, 2015

Fabulous Freebie: Bound by Melody Anne

Relinquish Control has just opened its doors in Seattle, and already we are not shy for customers. Relinquish Control is an exclusive escort service catering to the most distinguished customers, from business magnates to foreign royalty. This proven and well-established international business offers an elite selection of women who are ready and willing to attend to your every need with no questions asked. Confidentiality is our special obligation. Jewell Weston is homeless and desperate at age twenty-four. Two years ago, she quit her job to care for her ailing mother and her young brother; the medical bills incurred because of the cancer that killed her mother two months ago took everything the family had, and the state then took away her brother, now age ten. The only way for her to get the boy back is by finding a job and securing a home. When she’s approached by a woman in cashmere and pearls who tells her she can change her life, and is handed a card with the business name Relinquish Control on it, she thinks she has nothing to lose by calling the phone number. Maybe this will be the answer to her prayers, a way to save her little brother from the nightmarish foster home he’s been placed in. Blake Knight, known to the world as cold and without a heart, is given an exclusive membership to Relinquish Control by his devilish younger brother, who thinks it would be amusing to make his staid brother squirm. Little does this brother realize that Blake does indeed have unusual desires that Relinquish Control can cater to perfectly. What started as a joke turns out to be just what Blake needs. Though the world sees this man as deliberate and emotionless, it’s nothing but a fa├žade. What lies underneath would shock all those who know him. When he and his two brothers were six, eight and ten, they were tied up and forced to watch while their parents were murdered. The image has been burned into their minds, though they’ve tried to forget, leaving each of them guarded and unwilling to give their trust to anyone other than each other. No one is allowed to have their hearts. The brothers would never think of letting down their guard with anyone else, certainly not with a woman. Follow Blake and Jewell’s journey and see if they can find a happily ever after…


Review by Anniek:

Jewell has lost her mother and is about to lose her young brother to the system if she cannot provide him a safe home within two months. She's homeless and tries everything to get a job so she can be secure enough to get her brother back. She is determent and prepared to do anything.

When the owner of Relinquish Control finds her and offers her a job she takes it. Not knowing for sure what's expected of her but that all becomes clear very fast. Still she wants to go through with this, because she needs to.

Jewell is such a sweetheart with a spicy character. You will love her instantly! Blake is known as a cool and hard man. Not having feelings whatsoever. He and his brothers have more money than they can ever spend. When he makes the decision to go to Relinquish Control he isn't very interested until he sees Jewell. He wants her and is willing to pay for her.

This is one of the most fantastic stories I have read! I love the way the story is built up. You learn so much about Jewell and Blake and about their own personal pains and tragedies that you are crying, laughing and cheering for them and with them.

I was so into this story that I didn't even realize it when I was on the last page, so when the last lines were read I was in shock! I wanted to know how the story continues and I wanted to know that right then and there.

Please join me in reading this great book! it's a freebie now on Amazon. I will promise you that you want to read the other 2 books as well to complete the story of Blake and Jewell.

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  1. I got this book after seeing your review and just finished reading it earlier this week. It really is a great book and I soon will be purchasing book two! Thanks for the great recommendation!


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