Apr 7, 2015

All About the Blurb Survey Results

ScintillatingSuze wants to discover the likes, loves and dreams of people. I'm asking questions about goods that really touch our senses and emotions in a positive way. Great stories are certainly part of that. Finding them is an adventure on its own and the blurb is meant to help us. Below you can find 10 discoveries based on the survey that should give you a good wrap-up of the results. 
  1. About 80% reads the blurb, which is lower than we'd expected.
  2. The blurb should be intriguing and exciting, it should pull us into the story with a cliffhanger and without spoilers.
  3. There is some evidence that previous dissatisfaction with the blurb causes people to stop reading blurbs any longer.
  4. Books don't sell on the author's name alone. 
  5. When people think about what’s a don’t for a blurb spoilers are number one. They also dislike: should read, best seller, etc. Our advice is that the blurb shouldn't oversell the book. 
  6. The blurb shouldn't say something negative about another book or writer! It is perceived to be just as bad as spoilers.
  7. There is a direct link between the correctness of the blurb and the positive experiences with blurbs. The content of the blurb should be spot on with faultless grammar. It should also get the atmosphere of the book right.
  8. The writing style of the blurb should match the style of the author.
  9. The blurb should be explicit about the presence of sex, violence and discrimination to avoid bad surprises. 
  10. Based on our research we conclude that writing a blurb is probably an art of its own.
We would love to read if you agree with these findings and if you have had good or bad experiences with blurbs. Also, if you have examples of good and not so good blurbs we'd be very interested.

Please feel free to email us if you want to receive the full report. 


  1. I've never had a bad experience with a blurb. I think they're very important, though, 2nd place, after the cover.

  2. I love blurbs and always read them just before starting a new book! Even if I have already bought the book and don't need to be 'sold'. Surveys are a great idea, I love them :)


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