Mar 24, 2015

You Can Still Join the NetgalleyChallenge!

The Netgalley Challenge was supposed to end yesterday, but because everyone was having so much fun with it Sophie and I have decided to extend it until the end of May. So far I've managed to keep the same percentage, which isn't what I was hoping for, but 80% is still very close (I've read enough books for it already) and I'd like to have a better score eventually. I still have 18 books to read and the oldest is from January, so I've managed to review all books of 2014. I've requested some new ones and have been asked to review a couple as well, so my account has been really active. The best part of the challenge for me is chatting about the books we read. It's so much fun to compare reviews, to make confessions about our percentages and the number of books we still have to read and of course to talk about books in general. It's absolutely wonderful.

The good news is that you can join us if you haven't signed up already. I've opened the linky again for a few days.

We use #NetgalleyChallenge to keep track of our tweets and there is a Facebook group that you can join as well.

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