Mar 2, 2015

Why I like YA

When I was twelve years old I started reading books for adults. Suddenly I was a lot wiser about life and love. A whole new world opened for me. My parents let me read anything I fancied from their shelves, so I didn't have to sneak around to get my hands on a book that I wasn't supposed to read. Teachers told me that it was way too early to read anything other than children's books at that age, but I was ready for something different and the step to adult books was the only one I could take.
I would have read Young Adult books at that age if they would have been available. It's something I've missed and I love the genre now, so I feel like I'm catching up. It's so important for teenagers to have something suitable and fun to read. A book with main characters who are the same age and are going through the same emotions is invaluable. I love the genre and will always be a supporter.
A lot of people are against adults reading Young Adult books, but I think it's all right to do that. If someone is eighty years old you don't expect them to read only books that have octogenarians as a main character either? I like books that have a good story and it doesn't matter how old or young the main characters are. I've read so many really good young adult books and part of me keeps wishing they would have been there when I was 12 years old and in the years after that.
I think books and stories are important when you grow up as they're giving you some extra, sometimes much needed wisdom. Every book has something to teach and I love it that there are so many good books available now. My 12 year old self would have had a blast with them. I didn't have access to a good bookshop and it makes me happy to see the current generation of teenagers has the possibility to spend their pocket money on books from the Bookdepository or the kindle shop. I think YA is a very important genre, one that's invaluable for teenagers and their parents. I love it and am a big supporter of the books and authors.

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  1. Lavender, I wholeheartedly agree with you!!! How you described reading at an "earlier" age than others thought you should have - that is the EXACT SAME THING WITH ME!!! Actually the only books I couldn't read where the Judy Blume ones. For some reason my Mom didn't like those or think them appropriate for me then. I started reading Harlequin books around that same age - 12 - but they were the very VERY plain vanilla ones, but I graduated up later on. I LOVED Christopher Pike books when I was in Jr. High, now they scare the shit out of me! LOL And you are right, again, because there wasn't any YA books back then (I think I am older than you, so that part should be pretty obvious! LOL) and I do love them today! I find it funny that the YA books seem to not always have an explicit HEA, but yet the "grown-up" books do. But I have been addicted to a LOT of YA Paranormal books and unless I want a naughty book to read, YA is one of the first that I will choose! Cheers!


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