Mar 11, 2015

The Fairytale Tea Dress Shop in Edinburgh by De-ann Black


Delphine opens a fairytale tea dress shop in Edinburgh after being made redundant from her fashion merchandising job in Glasgow.

Using her redundancy money, Delphie moves to Edinburgh to make a fresh start, leaving her broken heart behind her. The last thing she expects is to find romance in the beautiful city of spires. But who is the man for Delphie? Is it Marcus or Andrew or perhaps Bradach? And will Delphie make her fairytale shop a success in the Scottish capital?


I bought this novella.

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Delphine needs to make a fresh start. After being made redundant she decides to open her own shop, a tea dress shop in Edinburgh. Just like Findlay's shop in Glasgow, but then with a theme that suits her very well, fairytales. Delphine loves to sew her own clothes and she's found the perfect location for a shop. With mending vintage clothes she also hopes she can mend a broken heart. Her boyfriend left her as soon as he found out that she no longer had a steady income.

 Soon the men who run shops in the same street are coming over to take a look at their interesting new neighbor. There's Bradach the private detective, Marcus who's a great cook and Andrew from the art shop. Not all of them are showing her their best side though. Will Delphine like one of them enough to find some love and happiness again?

Delphine is such a sweet, creative girl. She sometimes is a little bit chaotic which leads to the most endearing and cute mistakes. I liked the descriptions of the dresses she makes and of the shop. This book has been set up in the same way as The Tea Dress Shop at Christmas and the result is another lovely, wonderful and romantic story that managed to put a smile on my face.

 I like reading De-Ann Black's novellas. They always make me happy. I think it's the creativity, the fun, the flair and the making the best of a new situation that works for me over and over again. As usual Delphine and her men are really funny. She definitely gets more excitement than she's bargained for which is absolutely fabulous.


  1. it's a new author to me but i think i would love the story

  2. Lavendar's reviews always make me want to buy, miki. :) xx


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