Mar 6, 2015

Tanya's Facts!

It's time to get to know the people behind this blog a little bit better. Read 10 facts about Tanya to find out more about the person behind the lovely reviews.

1.  I love formula one and rugby. I follow Jenson Button in F1.

2. I used to play rugby and my father in law once introduced me as his future daughter in law a hooker!!

3. I'm a qualified primary school teacher and really loved the job.

4. I have two daughters.

5. I'm tongue tied and my parents didn't know till I was 18 and saying it was normal not to lick an icecream!

6. I like organising parties. It's not so easy now but still enjoy it.

7. We spend a lot of the weekends from March to October in our caravan.

8. It will be my husbands and mine 15th wedding anniversary this year and it will be spent in Euro Disney.
9. I love chocolate.

10. I'm proud to say I gave birth to my second daughter after being told to have another  c-section.

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