Mar 14, 2015

Suzanne Loves La Alicia! + Giveaway

I love La Alicia's beautiful paper creations. She manages to do something stunning with it.

Alicia's items are so creative and wonderful. She wants to create something that makes people happy which is a great philosophy. It's also something that is clearly visible when you look at her items.

Alicia recycles pretty paper. She rescues it first, then she cleans it and after that she transfers it into something gorgeous.

In the Etsy shop you can find necklaces, earrings, rings, hair bands, bracelets, pouches and postcards.

I've asked Alicia a few questions, to find out more about her and her shop.

How did your Etsy adventure start?

 My Etsy adventure began in 2008 when Etsy was still pretty new. I had always made things by hand and a friend suggested that I check out the site. I was impressed by the incredibly friendly and helpful community. It was about that time that I was also starting to do in person shows and really getting out there and meeting people. In the meantime, the collection of items that I make has grown over the past seven years. Wow, it’s really been that long?

Where have you learned your craft?

 I’ve always had a love of paper that began while making origami with my mom as a child. The specific technique that I use most is something that a friend of my grandmother’s taught me when I was in the first grade. I put it down for a time and came back to it as an adult and find it very calming and almost meditative. I am a believer in busy hands, calm mind. The fact that it allows me to repurpose materials makes it all the better. I’m also inspired by seeing what others can create with paper.

I’ve also been enjoying teaching origami classes at the local libraries for the past few years to children. The program is geared toward encouraging kids to read, so I begin the class by reading a short story to them and then we do a paper activity relating to the story. I totally enjoy sharing my love of paper with others.

Your style is eco chic, could you tell a bit more about that?

Well, honestly it makes me sad to see things go to waste that could be reused. I feel like it’s my responsibility to tidy up after myself, not to leave stuff by the curb for others to deal with. As a creative person, I thought there must be a way to reuse things more cleverly around me. In my craft I use paper from my mail including junk mail, catalogs and magazines. I also love to reclaim out of date maps and other pretty papers too. This year, I have become quite taken with vintage postage stamps. Stay tuned to see what happens with those next!

What inspires you?

If there's anything else you'd like to share, please feel free to do so as I'd love to add it to my post.
Honestly, a pile of paper is something I find really inspiring. All the color texture and possibilities. I have been experimenting with collage pieces as well and hope to have those in my shop the first quarter of the new year.

It also inspires me to share what I create with others.

What are your plans for the future?

For the future I plan to continue selling on Etsy and being a part of the vibrant community. This year, I’m also offering my products wholesale to stores - an exciting transition from consignment.

I love Alicia's combinations of colors. Her jewelry has such a fantastic own style and signature look.

Alicia has a great about page where she describes herself so well.

If you like to have a personal order made especially for you, you can always contact Alicia. She does accept custom orders.

Every item comes in a lovely box, so it's perfect to use as a gift.

Alicia has a fun blog, visit it to read more about her and her projects.

One very lucky reader of my blog will receive this beautiful necklace.

Enter the rafflecopter below to have a chance. Good luck!

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 I will contact the winner on twitter or via email. If I don't get a reply within 60 hours the prize will go to someone else. All of my giveaways are international.  


  1. Love the fact it is reused, eco chic just like you've said and unique!

  2. I love that it's reused and recycled there also so cute.

    Megan @ reading away the days

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  4. I love them as they are reused, recycled and eco chic :)

  5. I like the creative idea of the shop owner. Recycled materials are indeed useful and people should be more aware of recycling.

  6. I love how eco friendly she is with her jewelry.

  7. I like that it's such a clever way to reuse paper. I also like that quite a bit of it is themed to match a persons' interests.

  8. recycled and paper, awesome designs very creative

  9. I love it because everything is original, there are plenty of choices and colors :-)

  10. It's different to anything else I've seen.

  11. i love that it's recycled :) creating jewelry from recycled paper is an amazing idea!!

  12. the fact that they are recycled :)

  13. Such a clever and attractive re-use of paper.

  14. I like the creative idea and creating jewelry from recycled is a small step in saving the world :')


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