Mar 10, 2015

L'Occitane Almond Leg Reviver

It's no secret that I love L'Occitane. I think their products are fabulous. I've tried the Almond Leg Reviver this time. L'Occitane buys their almonds from growers in the South of France. They try to keep the process as natural as possible. 

I like the feeling of luxury this product emanates. The scent of this cream is delicious, it's a combination of peppermint and almond oil. I was really surprised that this cream has so much effect. I love the soothing and cooling effect it has on my legs. It's for tired legs and it's perfect for people who have to stand a lot or who have sensitive legs. It's of course no painkiller, but it really helps to make the legs feel more calm and refreshed. It's a cream that can easily be applied before dressing as it won't leave any stains and it doesn't leave a fat layer on the skin. When I had the chance I bought a second tube as soon as I could and this cream is now one of my most favorite products that I use on a daily basis.

I like the packaging. The green is pretty and the tube is easy to use. It isn't very big, but it lasts quite a long time as you don't need much of the cream, it's easy to spread. It's a product you can easily put in your bag when you have to go somewhere where you have to stand all day long. I highly recommend it and can't express enough how much I love it.


  1. thank you for this recommendation, i will make my mother tries it since she need to find one that works for her ( and i do love natural product)

  2. Sounds like something I need to invest in.

  3. This sounds like something I need in my life

  4. This hand cream is fantastic!And smells divine :)


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