Mar 11, 2015

Lavender's Library Giveaway

Lavender's Library
 I'm starting a new feature called Lavender's Library. The idea is that the person who will win this book will review it on Amazon. I will post 'giveaways' like this more often from now on and won't announce them, so it's a matter of luck and willingness to leave a review. Be quick as the first three people who enter will receive a copy. I will also draw one winner from the rest of the entries. Good luck!

 Each time you manage to review a Lavender's Library book you will receive a unique number. You can also be entered in the draw if you buy the book and write a review. Leave a review with the words Lavender's Library in it. After six weeks I will draw a random number and the person attached to this number will receive three books of their choice via Amazon or the Bookdepository and a mailbox package filled with happy mail. 

1. The review should have at least six sentences.
2) The review should be positive, so in line with my own policy. If you don't like the book, drop me a line.
3. You can only win again after leaving a review or sending me a message if you don't like the book. The goal is to leave as many reviews as possible and if you review quickly you have a chance to receive more free books.


  1. it's a good idea and i could be interested but the copy you send are print book? i'm asking because i can't read digital ( or not easily) also 6weeks to leave a review is perhaps a little short in case the winner is international and don't receive teh book really quick^^

    but i love the idea so thank you for the new feature and the book discovery

    1. oki after checking teh rafflecopter i have the answer to the first question^^

    2. It's a kindle book and it's a novella, so a very quick read. xx


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