Mar 9, 2015

Grace Cole Strawberry and Kiwi hand lotion

I've bought Grace Cole Strawberry and Kiwi hand lotion because I loved the packaging. It looks so sweet and cute and makes a great gift. This hand cream is affordable and it comes with a nail file in a handy toiletry bag which can be reused. All in all it makes a very nice package for a decent price.

The hand cream makes my hands soft and smooth. I love the scent, strawberry and kiwi combine well. It's an easy hand cream for daytime use, my skin absorbs it immediately and there's no layer or residue, so it's phone, book and tablet proof. I love the silky feeling it leaves and think this is the nicest thing about the cream.

I like the brand. Grace Cole has a good plan for the future. They want to offer quality products that have been produced locally. They are not entirely there yet, but I'm sure their aim for the best possible quality is a good strategy.


  1. This hand lotion sounds amazing and must have a nice scent too! =)


  2. Oh, I love the scent of strawberry kiwi.


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