Mar 17, 2015

Creature Comforts by Trisha Ashley

Izzy has broken off her engagement to her feckless fiancĂ©e Kieran and returned to her childhood home – the sleepy village of Halfhidden.
She soon realizes that life in the village is anything but peaceful – for one thing she’s living with her mad aunt Debo and her pack of dogs, and for another, Izzy has a lot of unanswered questions.
When she was a teenager, Izzy was involved in a terrible accident, involving various inhabitants of Halfhidden. As she sets out to discover what actually happened on the night of the accident, she realizes that her painful past is actually standing in the way of her future happiness. So when a handsome stranger comes to Halfhidden will she let love back into her life?


I received a copy via Netgalley


Izzy's discovered that her fiancé isn't as nice as she thought. He's planned on spending her inheritance and he's got her whole future worked out without her having a say in it. That isn't Izzy's idea of a great future and she leaves him, because she wants to be home. Her plan is to go back to Halfhidden and stay there.

Izzy has invested in an online shop she can run from home. She's happy to be back with her eccentric aunt who's running a dog shelter together with her friend. Soon Izzy has picked up her old life again, she's often seeing her best friends and she loves swimming in the local source. Something is bothering her though. When she was sixteen Izzy was involved in a terrible accident. She almost didn't make it and someone else died because of it. Izzy is ready to find out the truth and wants to know what really happened that night, but the witnesses aren't very cooperative. 

Izzy meets the new neighbor, Rufus. He's inherited a large house with a wonderful garden. A very nasty staff member also came with it. After a bad start Izzy and Rufus slowly become friends. Will Izzy be able to find happiness again in the village where she's also found so much grief?

Izzy is wonderful. She's brave, she's fierce and she always knows exactly what to say and do. I loved that about her. She's a fabulous heroine and that made me enjoy this book very much. I liked the setting of Halfhidden very much, the descriptions of the hidden paths and all the gardens were wonderful. The local horror stories were so much fun to read about as well. The atmosphere was exactly right. I enjoyed every single page of this book. Creature Comforts is a fantastic read.


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