Mar 21, 2015

April Paperback Month Sign Ups

Challenges are great, they make me motivated and it's fun to read together with a group of people. I love the book chats and because of the challenges Sophie and I have hosted I've read a lot of extra books already. I love reading and books make me happy, so the more I read the happier I am. As everyone has paperbacks and most of us even have a lot of them our next challenge will be to read as many paperbacks as we can. I'm planning on reading at least fifteen paperbacks in April.
Use the hashtag #PaperbackMonth on twitter so we can keep track of our posts.
If you are on Facebook please send us a message, so we can invite you to the group and party.

Join with the link of your blog (or the blog you're writing for) or Goodreads profile, etc. Everyone who joins the challenge can enter this giveaway. Win a paperback of your choice from the Bookdepository.

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  1. i'm interested to join but i would like a little precision....the goal is to read the paperbacks only not to review them that's right?because my goal would change then^^;; also if we don't have twitter or facebook do you require a post to state we participate or we simply update our goodread profile by adding the books we read ( on a special shelves perhaps?) for this challenge? or do we post our progress in the comment here?

  2. i'm joining and i hope to read at least 6!

    1. i finished ( review in progress) started on the second one

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