Feb 18, 2015

When We Were Sisters by Beth Miller


‘I never think of Laura as my step-sister, but that’s what she is.’

Once they were the best of friends, inseparable as only teenage girls can be.

That is until Miffy’s Jewish father runs off with Laura’s Catholic mother and both of their families imploded – as well as Laura’s intense relationship with Miffy’s brother...

Twenty years on, they’re all about to meet again...


I received this book from the author and am very happy I had the chance to read and review it. 

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Laura and Miffy are best friends, almost like sisters. They spend a lot of time together and they share so many happy memories. Everything changes when they become real sisters. When Miffy's father and Laura's mother become a couple, suddenly their children are no longer in each other's lives. More than twenty years later Miffy and Laura finally meet again when something happens to Miffy's father. Even though their parents have been married for years their children haven't seen each other again ever since the day their parents became an item. Laura's missed her best friend from childhood and her gorgeous brother. Miffy has grown into a beautiful, confident woman. Laura's life isn't that wonderful. It used to look like everything was the other way around, but was that really the case?
The story is being told through two voices, the grown-up Laura and the child Miffy. Miffy had to go through so much as a child and Laura hasn't always been the most safe friend, but they did have fun together. Laura has so many problems in her life and now Miffy isn't the best friend she's ever had, but they do have good times together. Laura's falling apart bit by bit and she isn't handling things very well, not at all actually, so she needs someone by her side.
When We Were Sisters is the story of two sisters who lose each other in a tragic way and who find each other again in a tragic way as well. They both have their flaws and I can't say I liked everything about them. The story is really, really good. Laura can be selfish and crude, but she's also vulnerable and has never had someone she could rely on. Miffy is such an innocent child who has to lose that innocence way too quickly and that leaves scars. Both of the women have been damaged by decisions of other people. They have lost each other once, but at some point they will need each other again. This is a story about how much damage it can do when two people separate and when one of them meets someone else. Divorce is never easy and in this particular story the parents never gave it any thought what their decisions would do to their children. That was so sad to see. When We Were Sisters is no fun fairytale, it's real and sometimes raw which is what makes it such an interesting and fascinating read.

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