Feb 9, 2015

Too Many Books?

The thing I love is also something that frustrates me. I like books very much and can never have enough great titles to read. Since I've started Lavender Likes, Loves, Finds and Dreams it's even worse, as because I blog I keep finding the most wonderful and fantastic books, but there are simply too many. I don't have enough time to read them all. I read six books per week and I still can't manage to read at least half of what I was planning to. How can I get rid of this frustration? I have a cheerful and happy personality, so this feeling doesn't suit me very well. I want to get rid of it yesterday instead of today. There are ten options I've considered.

1) I can buy all the books I want to have and live with the possibilities of great stories. I might read the books or I might not, but the idea that I can read them and that they are within my reach should be satisfying enough.

2) I should feel lucky that I have access to all these books. There were times when I couldn't afford even one book per week and now I can read six. Sometimes I receive them to review, but I also have enough money to buy a lot of lovely stories.

3) It's fantastic that there are authors who are so talented. Rather than focusing on the content of the books I should focus on the person behind them. It's fabulous to produce something that other people will enjoy and my frustration has to turn into admiration instead.

4) I have to learn how to speed read. I have actually tried this, but I don't enjoy reading a story at such a fast pace. It's tiring and it's not easy to notice all the layers that have been woven into the text. I think speed reading is a way to read more books, but so far I don't think it's a great one. I still wanted to list this possibility as there's a little spark of hope that I will enjoy it more when I'm getting used to it.

5) I should start as many stories as I can and choose the best and most promising books I can find. That way I'm not reading everything and books with a slow start won't be read, but at least I have a good chance I will enjoy the books that I read immensely. 

6) I can research every author, each book, the publisher and all the feedback for the title and for previous publications of the same author. It definitely helps, but there's little adventure left if I would choose each book I read this way. Although most of the time it's a decent option to choose good books.

7) I could learn to be content. I shouldn't want to suck up new information and beautiful stories all the time, sometimes I need a break to breathe and to notice how happy and lucky I am to be surrounded by books. Slowing down goes against my nature, but I can always try.

8) I need to write lists. If there's a list with every book I absolutely must read I'm keeping track of what I most certainly shouldn't forget. It's not one hundred percent reliable, though I hope it will help me to battle the chaos.

9) I might have to try to get rid of my book addiction. Do I need help? I don't think I do, I just need to find a way to have more time and to add extra hours to my day. Is that so bad? If it is I might need that help anyway.

10) Maybe the use of random choice would help. I can let the computer decide what I'm going to read. That way my selection is always honest and I don't lose time making choices. I can spend that time on reading a book instead. The downside is that if I really want to read a certain book I might never get the chance, so this method will both add to my stress level and it decreases it and I have no idea which of these two will win.

What should I choose, which of these ten methods will save me? How do you live with the abundance of books you want to read? Do you need any measurements or are you all right with the knowledge that you will never be able to get to everything you've been meaning to read?

--- Suzanne ---

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