Feb 1, 2015

The World's Wife by Carol Ann Duffy

With an introduction by Jeanette Winterson
This unique collection of poems from the Poet Laureate, filled with her characteristic wit, is a feminist classic and a modern take on age-old mythology.
Who? Him. The Husband. Hero. Hunk.
The Boy Next Door. The Paramour. The Je t'adore.
Behind every famous man is a great woman - and from the quick-tongued Mrs Darwin to the lascivious Frau Freud, from the adoring Queen Kong to the long-suffering wife of the Devil himself, each one steps from her counterpart's shadow to tell her side of the story in this irresistible collection.
Original, subversive, full of imagination and quicksilver wit, The World's Wife is Poet Laureate Carol Ann Duffy at her beguiling best.


Behind most of the important men in the history of literature there must have been great women. There's Queen Herod, Pilate's Wife, Mrs Darwin, Queen Kong, etc. All of these women have their own story to tell. 
Carol Ann Duffy has written such beautiful poems about the women behind famous men. I loved the way she plays with words. She can mold them, so they express exactly what she wants to say and I think that's a rare gift. She has a beautiful style. The poems are strong, powerful and impressive. I loved all of them, but Mrs Faust is my favorite. It's such a recognizable story told in short sentences that made the couple come to life so well. It's funny and crude and there's a brutal honesty in it, that makes it absolutely amazing. 
The idea behind all of the poems is such a good one. I love how original it is. Sometimes the language is raw, but it's always with a purpose, not just to shock. I enjoyed reading this book and will definitely open it over and over again. The poems are little treasures and I think they deserve to be admired.

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