Feb 23, 2015

The Tea Dress Shop At Christmas by De-Ann Black


Findlay sets out to build a new life for herself in Glasgow, and opens a tea dress shop in the city centre.

Is Gordan the man for Findlay, or perhaps McGarra? And will Christmas in Glasgow be everything she’s wished for?


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After a very painful breakup Findlay moves back to Glasgow to start a new adventure. She's found the perfect location for a shop and it even comes with a very cozy place to live. Findlay will sell the dresses she makes together with some beautiful vintage pieces. There will also be tea and cake for her customers. Her tea dresses are perfect to wear during the day and on an evening out and she's making matching bags to go with them. All women love her shop and it's an immediate success. 

There are quite a few handsome men in her street. They keep visiting Findlay's shop to find out more about her or to ask her to go on a date with them. Soon she can choose, but is there really a choice for her? Will Findlay find new happiness in business as well as in love?

I read this novella with a smile on my face. It's such a lovely and sweet story. De-Ann Black has a great sense of humor and I sometimes had to laugh out loud too as there are quite a few funny scenes. Findlay is such a sympathetic main character, I liked her straight away. I loved reading about the dresses and everything that was going on in the shop. Of course the appearance of several handsome men helped as well. Everything about this story is exactly right, it cheered me up and made me happy.

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