Feb 12, 2015

Suzanne Loves Balmi


I'm always looking for new and nurturing lip balms to try. I recently bought this strawberry Balmi. I really like Balmi's packaging. The little cube is very cute and it comes with a strap to hang on your bag or phone. I love that detail. Balmi's design is fabulous and it's why I bought the lip balm. It's great when something is different and original.
 The opening of the cube is quite easy, with a little twist it's open and it closes well, which means it can't open on it's own while it's in your bag. This lip balm isn't a very expensive product and it works really well. It does what Balmi promises it will do. The effect is indeed long lasting, which means that this lip balm protects my lips very well when I'm outside in the cold. I love the strawberry flavor and scent, they're sweet and delicious. The nurturing effect is good too, especially for the price. I really like this product and definitely want try the other flavors as well.

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