Feb 4, 2015

Sophie and Suze's NetGalley Challenge! Sign Ups & Giveaway

I joined Netgalley in May last year and since then I've reviewed 56 books. I've requested quite a few books at the end of November, then I've won a few and after that received some as a gift. Even though my percentage is 78, so not that bad on paper, I have a lot of Netgalley books that are still waiting to be reviewed. I want to write reviews for every Netgalley book on my shelf.  That means I have 15 books to read without my pending requests and promised widgets by authors or publishers. In total that means I might have to read about 20 books.
I loved the Review Challenge I organized with my good friend Sophie from Reviewed the book. We started talking about our percentages and decided to set up a new event. I'm very happy we're hosting another challenge together. This time we're going to review as many Netgalley books as we can and you can join us. It doesn't matter if you have a lot of Netgalley books on your shelf or just a few, the most important thing is to have fun.
You can enter by filling out the linky below. If you have a blog, use that and if you don't you can enter with the link of your Amazon or Goodreads account. You can add #NetgalleyChallenge on Twitter and Facebook, so we can keep track of each other's posts and progress. We'll give away prizes during the event and at the end we'll host a Facebook and Twitter party. One of the participants will receive a book from their wish list just for signing up. Fill out the rafflecopter and enter with the book you'd like to receive. Please only do this if you're joining the challenge. Good luck!


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