Feb 9, 2015

Of Things Gone Astray by Janina Matthewson

Mrs Featherby had been having pleasant dreams until she woke to discover the front of her house had vanished overnight …
On a seemingly normal morning in London, a group of people all lose something dear to them, something dear but peculiar: the front of their house, their piano keys, their sense of direction, their place of work.
Meanwhile, Jake, a young boy whose father brings him to London following his mother’s sudden death in an earthquake, finds himself strangely attracted to other people’s lost things. But little does he realise that his most valuable possession is slipping away from him.
Of Things Gone Astray is a magical fable about modern life and values. Perfect for fans of Andrew Kaufman and Cecelia Ahern.


What will happen if you lose something that you've always taken for granted? Mrs Featherby misses the front of her house and therefore has no privacy at all. Cassie is waiting for the love of her life to arrive at the airport, but when she doesn't show up she's literally rooted to the spot. Delia has lost her sense of direction and Jake has to miss his mother. When Robert wants to go to work he finds out it isn't there any longer. These people have one thing in common, their lives are far from normal as they suddenly have to live without the thing that matters to them the most.
The Cover of Of Things Gone Astray is as beautiful and special as the story. It's a perfect match. This book is truly unique and I love the idea behind what's happening to the main characters. It's such a fun and at the same time philosophical read which is an impressive combination. I loved every word, sentence and chapter, this book is amazing. It's special, it's fabulous, it's fantastic. I don't think I can find the right word(s) to describe how good it is. I could use all the synonyms for perfect and amazing, but they still won't cover my feelings about this story. It's so good and I'm very happy that I had the chance to read it.

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