Feb 3, 2015

Librarian Lavender News


January 2015 has brought a lot of changes. Both in my private life and at work. Victoria has problems with her health, so Edward stopped working immediately after she got her diagnosis. As I'm still studying the board didn't let me take over, instead they hired someone new to replace Edward. I'm not so sure if I'm happy with that to be honest. My new boss, Jayden, is gorgeous and he knows it. I keep asking myself why someone who looks that good would work as a head librarian while instead he could have been a famous actor or underwear model. He says it's his love for books that has brought him here, but I'm not sure if I can trust him. Plus we are all ill at ease and have every reason to as they have to let one of us go. There are too many librarians now, since Jayden does a lot of the work himself while Edward only supervised. 
As our library consists of more than one floor there are quite a few librarians who are keeping an eye on things. Aislyn has been hired to replace me and has only been here for a couple of months there's a chance they won't give her a new contract. She's doing very well and she's a real asset, so it would be stupid to let her go. Which is why we all have the feeling we have to prove ourselves. I've never worked harder and the same goes for my colleagues. The library is very close to a shopping center and we have a bookstore as our downstairs neighbor which means we have to be extra competitive to draw people in. This year we have to organize more. There will be all kinds of small events, so people won't forget about the library and everything we can do for them. I think this is a good strategy and I like the kind of work that is involved.
Because I want to be informed when it matters I'm reading even more books. I have all the time in the world to do that as my social life isn't what it used to be. A few months ago I had to be somewhere every night of the week, but not now. Edward's parties have stopped, I don't have a boyfriend and am not dating someone, Ryan has moved away for a job, Lizzy is getting married and is only spending time with her fiancé, Jenna has to take bed rest and isn't allowed to do anything, Gina has moved in with Joey and only has time to see me during our lunch break, Zoe has left the library to finish her education and my book club has stopped. The only company I have is my sister. She still has access to the most beautiful dresses, but she has stopped running her webshop as her children are more important. This means I don't have to help her any longer, but she does like it when I'm around for a chat, a meal or a cup of tea. I love my sister, but I'm desperately looking for a more active new social life. I wish I'd know how to make that happen...

Librarian Lavender is a fictional character, her stories have been made up. There's no intentional connection to any real life facts.

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