Feb 15, 2015

Lavender Loves Heart Street! + Giveaway

I love Heart Street. The items in this shop are gorgeous. 

The owner of the shop, Dan, mainly sells beautiful and handy keychain wallets, but there are also cards, pencil cases and coin purses.

For each item Dan uses beautiful fabrics. The combination of the fabrics makes the products stand out even more.

I asked Dan couple of questions, so you can find out more about the amazing Heart Street.

When and how did your Etsy adventure start?

 I opened my Etsy shop a year ago... and just passed the 1 year old birthday on 27th, this month. It's also my birthday :). One year ago, it was because of my upcoming birthday, my husband bought me a sewing machine as a gift. Then I started to sew different lovely things, and just can't stop :). I learned sewing by myself, and little by little I started to create something like card holders and gave some to my friends. One day a friend said I really should open an Etsy shop and sell my works, then I just took that advice, and here I am!

What inspires you?

  Before I opened this shop, I never thought one day I could really make this dream come true. But for a long time in my life I have loved crafts and I have this addiction to papers, stationary, and small lovely girly things etc. etc.... I can spend hours in craft stores, looking at those craft tools and materials, I have visions in my head, that how I can use this things to create something fun. I can't clearly explain where my inspirations come from, but maybe it's just because I enjoy spending time with those artistic things. I feel inspired when playing with different materials, or when watching the work of others. Sewing just expands my craft area, and now with different fabrics I can create more things, and it's a great feeling when I know people like my handmade works :).

What did your first year on Etsy look like?

My first year was good enough for me. I didn't expect I could have over 250 sales in the first year, and when I made it, the happiness was beyond words :). Actually when everything started, I didn't plan something big. I usually don't have a long term plan for my shop... just stage by stage... When I have a new design on hand, I may keep working on that project for quite a few weeks, then see how the market responses, then move on with new ideas. Sure my ideas were not all good... but I learned a lot from those experiences :).

What are your plans for the future?

The future is always uncertain... and it's the reason why it's so charming. I just want to keep running this shop and enjoy my little wonderful craft life~~ doing craft is something very ME, and I feel lucky that I can do things I really love :).

I bought something from Heart Street and love it, I got an autumn themed keychain wallet. The fabrics are amazing and the handwork is great and very precise, it's really pretty! The delivery was quick and everything was wrapped in lovely tissue paper. I'm very happy with my purchase.

I highly recommend this shop and the customer service from this friendly and helpful seller is very good.

Dan accepts custom orders, so if you'd like to have something made especially for you, you can leave a request.

One lucky reader of my blog will receive this blue keychain wallet. Enter the rafflecopter below to have a chance. 

Good luck!

  I will contact the winner on twitter or via email. If I don't get a reply within 60 hours the prize will go to someone else. All of my giveaways are international. 

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