Feb 11, 2015

Happy Mail Project!

These past few weeks I've been working very hard on my blog, mainly behind the scenes. I've now organized my Happy Mail Project and have requested a .org website. You can find the link to the blog it currently is here. I'm still working on the styling, but the most important part is ready. You can fill out the form to request and take part in different aspects of my project. For those of you who'd like to receive some nice mail there's the option to request it. It depends on demand if I can send it straight away, but I will try to do my very best to be as fast as possible. You can also request happy mail for someone else. There are several options to do swaps. Please send only new items to your partner. I've chosen to have different categories for different budgets. I have experience organizing swaps, so I will keep postage costs into account and of course you will get instructions from me once I send you the details of your partner. If you'd like to be part of my team to send regular happy mail to people who need some cheering up you can tick that box to put your name on my list. Then last, but not least, there's a point system. Everyone who sends happy mail and tells me about it will receive a point. I will send happy mail packages to members regularly and would love to post photos of your mail on my website. 

Everything that's being sent through this project has to be for fun, free of charge for the receiver and from the kindness of someone's heart. I hope you will join my Happy Mail Project to spread some extra happiness and joy.



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