Feb 16, 2015

First Frost by Sarah Addison Allen

A magical new novel from the New York Times bestselling author of Lost Lake, featuring characters from her beloved novel Garden Spells.

Autumn has finally arrived in the small town of Bascom, North Carolina, heralded by a strange old man appearing with a beat-up suitcase.  He has stories to tell, stories that could change the lives of the Waverley women forever...

Bay knows exactly where she belongs, in Bascom in the house that has been in the Waverley family for generations. When her mother, Sydney, got married they moved to the farm, but Bay knows that her house isn't her home. She visits her aunt Claire whenever she can. Because she loves being with her and also because Claire gives her jobs, like babysitting her daughter and helping her make candy. Bay knows where she's supposed to be and who should be with her, but that doesn't mean she's happy. She's a Waverley and that means it isn't easy to make friends, or to fall in love...

 Claire's candy business is growing, but while she's making more money she's losing a little part of herself each time a new batch is ready. Nobody but her can make these sweets as they contain her famous Waverley magic. She isn't her usual strong self, so when someone who has no place in Bascom visits the town to spread rumors about her past she has to do something she's never done before. And then there's the apple tree. Claire and Bay are anxiously waiting for first frost to arrive. Will the tree and first frost really be able to fix their problems?

First Frost can easily be read as a standalone novel, but you can double the fun by reading Garden Spells first. You can find my review of that lovely book here. It's no secret that I'm a big fan of Sarah Addison Allen. Her books are fabulous and they have that beautiful touch of magic that make them so unique and comforting. I love dreaming away with one of her stories. They always make me feel like it's Christmas. First Frost is such a wonderful book. I loved the way the past and the present are intertwined in this story, that's so skillfully done and it's what makes this book so so good. I highly recommend this novel, as when you get it you will have a few hours of perfect happiness. 

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