Feb 6, 2015

Dear Librarian Lavender by Krysten Lindsay Hager

Dear Librarian Lavender
I’m so excited to be part of celebrating your first anniversary! I love reading your blog as it’s always uplifting and cheerful and we all need something bright and happy to enjoy. You always find the cutest items to feature and find such interesting new businesses, crafts, stationary, and books! It’s fun to come and look at all the new things you’ve discovered.
This has been a big year for me as well with the release of my first teen fiction novel, True Colors, this past summer. It’s strange for me to think about how different my life was over a year ago. I had been writing, revising, and editing when in December of 2013, I got my first book contract. The first thing I did was call my parents…who were not picking up their phone. Then I called my husband, but there was a huge snowstorm  and he was stuck at work where they were frantically trying to clear the parking lots for people to get home. So for the first couple hours I just sat on the news. I decorated my Christmas tree (I even broke an ornament because I was so anxious!). Then my mom saw I had left her a message and called me back. Finally, after four hours of squealing to myself, I got to share my news that True Colors was going to be published.
It was a crazy time of firsts and learning as I went. I learned things like how to set up my own website, how to deal with interviewers, book reviewers, and what to expect on a blog tour. I also had experiences like seeing my characters through the eyes of others when I had my first promo banner created and then when working with the cover artist on my book. Also, preparing to do talk shows was an experience of its own. I had done live TV before years ago and everyone said I’d be fine, but it’s one thing to have done it when talking about something or someone else and another to be on talking about yourself and your book. But I had a great time meeting new people and sharing experiences—I even got to “meet” my cover model via email.
One thing I’ve learned on this book journey was how connected we all are and how similar our experiences are in life. I’ve talked to interviewers in different countries, different ages, and from different walks of life and it really hit me when they all say they can relate to Landry’s experiences at school and with her friends and dealing with self-esteem issues, insecurity, and how to handle “frenemies.” I’ve enjoyed getting to meet all these new people and I have to say that’s been the best part of this journey.
When I was in grade school and wanting to be an author, I used to think how amazing it would be to have someone feel about my book the way I felt about my favorite stories and to actually get email and messages like that now is beyond anything I could have imagined. And now to have a sequel coming out to the book  and a series with Landry and her friends is an amazing feeling.
So congratulations on your first anniversary and may all your dreams come true, too. Here’s to many more years of discovery and fun!
<3 Krysten

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