Feb 23, 2015



Do you consider yourself a brave person? It's a question I've been thinking about a lot lately. Even though I'm very calm before surgeries, I'm determined to accomplish my goals no matter what and I'm prepared to face my fears and do something about them I don't think I'm very brave. I have to work on the following things, just like the main characters of some really great books I've read.

 I don't stand up for myself enough. If someone says or does something I don't like I'm reluctant to say anything. I don't want to hurt anyone's feelings. It is better to say something every now and then though. I want to be a good friend, which means I have to be honest sometimes if it means I'm helping someone. I'm no doormat, I don't want people to walk over me, which means I have to speak up from time to time. I think I should be true to myself and keep being nice to people, but I have to work on being more outspoken. 
 Anatomy of a Misfit is a book about this subject. It's a really story with funny scenes which are often the result of the inability of the main character to speak her mind. I admit, I'm a little bit on the old side to have to learn this lesson, but better late than never right?

I don't dare to ask for help. Even if I need it badly it takes a lot of time before I say something, if I ever say anything at all. I think asking for help is a very brave thing to do and it's definitely something I need to learn. I want to fix everything on my own, but some things can't be done by one person alone. I need to grow and that means I have to learn to ask for something when I need it.
Bran and Talia both need to learn to open up to someone, to talk about their problems and to ask for help when they can no longer face their problems on their own. They learn that together they can achieve so much more. Again I'm so much older than these two, I'm catching up on my late teens and early twenties as you can see.

Giving everything I've got. I don't want to write with my foot on the brake any longer and I need to get more courage so I can give it my all. I want to start a new project, one that needs every ounce of creativity I possess. I could use a big dosage of courage to follow it through, as I really want to start that project. 
Kylie has plans for the future, which means she doesn't do anything in the now. She's waiting to start until all circumstances are perfect and she's very much in control of everything. Like her I need to let go of that control and be creative. It's not important if all variables are exactly right. Being creative can be fun and relaxing which is very important. Kylie managed to let go and to start letting her creativity flow, I should do that too. 

 Asking for things I like or want. I'm not good at asking people for things. For my blog I need to be able to do this, but I'm far from brave enough yet. I should advertise myself more and send more emails for possible posts. I should be more bold and that takes a big dose of courage. 
In the Love Goddess' Cooking School Holly needs to run a shop and start teaching cooking lessons while she doesn't have the knowledge. By being bold and appearing confident she's managing to keep her grandmother's business afloat until she masters every recipe she's trying. I need that fake it until you make it mentality. Even though I don't have the confidence now I will get it when I start putting myself out there. 

As you can see I've chosen books with main characters from young to a bit older as mastering these skills will be a project. I need to cram a few years into just a few months, so I'd better hurry up and start the process. There's so much you can learn from fiction, there's always some truth in a story. That's why I'm using books as a source of inspiration. When I've reached the final stage I think I'll feel so much more complete, I'm sure of it. I will catch up, I will catch up and I will catch up. Being more courageous is my new resolution. I want to face my fears and conquer all of them. With the start of spring I'd like to start working on this. I will keep you posted on my progress. How courageous are you?

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